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Tattoos of David Beckham

It could be argued if David Beckham is the best footballer of his generation. What is out of the question is that without a doubt he has been by far the most mediatic sports star, ambassador of various NGOs. But above all an athlete who knows how to take advantage of David Beckham's image in the world of advertising to obtain incredible economic benefits, advertising income from some of the most important brands in the world that has multiplied those from his purely sporting activity, and not because the latter was poorly paid. If there is another noteworthy characteristic of David Beckham apart from his nose for business, which many gossips attribute to his wife Victoria. This adds the reasons for his fondness for tattoos. David Beckham is probably the most notable precursor to the current popularity of the tattoo among athletes and other celebrities in public life. Contrary to what one might suppose, this fondness for the needle and ink seems to have not hurt him at all, his number of tattoos has been increasing over time almost parallel to the signing of millionaire advertising contracts. No one can say that his tattoos have harmed David Beckham at all.

David Beckham started to tattoo in 1999 when he decided to get his first tattoo on his lower back with the word "BROOKLIN", in honor of his first child with Victoria Beckham, an ex-member of the famous Spice Girls. About a year later, a kind of Christ is tattooed on his upper back, between David Beckham's shoulder blades. This figure after subsequent enlargements in which he will add wings and other details will end up becoming a "Guardian Angel ". On his left arm he adds an image of Victoria in one of Brigitte Bardot's poses that was on the cover of "Pop" magazine in 2004 with the caption "Forever By Your Side". Several sources claim that this photo of Victoria is one of David Beckham's favorites.

2008 is an intense year for David Beckham tattoos, a tattoo is made on one side with a phrase written in Chinese calligraphy in vertical arrangement whose approximate translation is "Death and life have fixed an appointment. Wealth and honor depend from the heaven." taking advantage of his stay in Honk Kong during the preseason with his then LA Galaxy team. During this year he also completes the gaps between the tattoos on his left arm with colors and shading to complete a "sleeve". Add a new cherub to the inside of David Beckham's right arm with the phrase "Son, do not forget my teachings but keep my commands in your heart." In 2009 David got 10 roses tattooed around his left arm in commemoration of his 10 years of marriage to Victoria.

When his grandfather passed away in 2010, David Beckham got a new tattoo on his right side in his memory. The image shows a dejected Christ which is based on the painting "The Man Of Sorrows" by Catholic artist Matthew R. Brooks.

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