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Tattoos of Emma Marrone

The young Emma Marrone is the winner of the past talent show Amici, more precisely the 2010 Amici champion. Today, she is a well-known singer and loved by fans. One of Emma's passion is the love of artistic tattoos. But what are her tattoos and what do they mean?

Before studying Emma Marrone's tattoos, we must say that the Italian singer has shown great love for tattoo art from the very beginning. Over the years, she has never stopped decorating her body with lettering and paintings. These words and drawings represent her lifestyle, true passion and love for life.

Tattooing is a frequent occurrence, especially for characters in performances. Tattooing the body is not only a passion, but also a way to shape your own image, in some cases, it looks stronger than it actually is. Maybe this is what Emma has been like for many years, she first showed great vulnerability, and then showed a stronger side.


Emma's original tattoo was the word "Oltre" and was accompanied by a symbol of infinity. This tattoo is on her upper back and dates back to the time of Amici's adventures. The singer claimed to have chosen this word because it expressed what happened to her or everything exceeded her expectations. Later, Oltre also became the title of her first album. The treble clef of her c part obviously represents her passion for music, because in Emma Marrone's tattoo, many of the artist's emotions are shown.

On the inside of her right arm, there is a fairly obvious word: "Uccia". This is the nickname of Emma's grandmother (her first big fan), and she has always had a strong connection with her. Emma has a stylized dragon with a tattoo on her back, representing strength and determination; in addition, the dragon is a mythical animal for thousands of years, symbolizing wisdom and vision.

On the right forearm, we found the French inscription: "Je m’en fous" means "I don't care". In the face of unpleasant gossip and criticism, this may be a position. Especially the relationship with the dancer Stefano de Martino.

There is a strange tattoo on her left side, which seems to be a guarantee for the bet. This is a muffin with MB letters or Miss Brown as many people call Emma.


The swallow on the right of her body is one of the typical old-school subjects. In the nautical world, this is a symbol of success and good fortune. In fact, seeing the swallows in the sea means that the land is close at hand. This kind of tattoo also has a deeper meaning. In the days of Sailor Jarry, he could only get a swallow tattoo when he walked 500 nautical miles. In this case, it is a symbol associated with experience, wisdom and ability knowledge.

Emma has a large peach branch on both sides, according to the tradition of Japanese tattoo art, it symbolizes close family relationships.

Finally, at the top of the right elbow, Emma's last tattoo in chronological order: a big eye, meaning "looking at your shoulder."