Tattoos of Gue Pequeno

Among the new entries of the talent show of "The Voice", we find the singer Gue Pequeno. But who is this handsome man full of tattoos? Rising to the fore with the success achieved by the "Club Dogo" group, he immediately made himself known as the antagonist par excellence of his colleague Fedez! Let's find out more about this controversial artist and especially the tattoos that cover most of his body!

Who Is Gue Pequeno?

Born and raised in Milan, Cosimo Fini, born in 1980, aka Gue Pequeno, did not have a very simple childhood! In fact, due to a problem with the levator muscle of the left eyelid, which does not allow him to fully open his eye, he has often been bullied! The artist himself claims to have been an introverted child!

The Most Controversial Artist of the Italian Hip Hop Scene

We are therefore not surprised that his nickname is precisely the one-eyed! After having achieved success with Club Dogo, in 2011 he decides to pursue a solo career and it is precisely in this period that the famous unflattering and social media exchanges begin between him and the antagonist Fedez! In fact, his music has divided Italy between those who saw him, together with his debut group, as a novelty in the panorama of Italian Hip Hop music, and those who accused him of being a traitor!

Tattoos Dedicated to Music

Gue Pequeno's passion for music, however, has always remained intact and seems to be unshakable, despite the constant attacks! In fact, among his countless tattoos, we find the name of his record company “Tanta Roba”, of which he is co-founder, next to the images of a tiger and a gorilla; and one of his first tattoos was the writing on his arm “Speack The Truth”.

Tattoo Against the Haters

Precisely to represent that he does not care about the opinion of Gue Pequeno's so-called "haters", he decided to tattoo the phrase "I'm blind to you haters" on his skin.

Tattoos dedicated to love for women

On his resume, he boasts several relationships with beautiful women, but for now he seems not interested in starting a family! In fact, in the interviews released, he joked a lot on the subject of children, stating that he wanted to "churn out" an Italian Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus! Gue's love for women, however, is also clearly visible through the tattoo art, with which he decided to imprint a beautiful dancer and a mermaid on his arm!


A small anecdote that has depopulated on the web a short time ago, concerns one of his conquests, which ended not so well! In fact, the artist claimed that once, after being able to hook a beautiful girl in the gym, at the highlight of the evening, Gue would have seen a tattoo that reproduced Corona's face right next to the girl's private parts! Needless to say, the evening ended instantly.

Soul Mirror Tattoos

There are also several tattoos where you can find Gue's character and his unique personality, like the tattoo of Superman with his face, and a plane stylized tattooed on the neck and one on the back, to represent his passion for travel!

Gue Pequeno's First Tattoo

But what were the first "brands" imprinted on Gue Pequeno's skin? In fact, from a young age he showed a great interest in this art form and before getting to all the tattoos he has collected to date, his first tattoo was a mirror-like Burmese magic symbol, dating back more than 10 years ago, made by a friend of his!

Tattoos and Fashion

Gue's passion for ink was not limited only to representation on skin! In fact, he started a very interesting collaboration with the creative designer and entrepreneur from Verona Agatha Menegaz, from which a young line of accessories was born! In fact, we can find them transported on pony skin covers, for smart phones, as well as on sunglasses frames.