Tattoos of Jovanotti

Among the most popular and at the same time most tattooed Italian singers, Jovanotti is among those who have always spoken very willingly about their tattoos. The artist admits that his passion for tattoo art is now on the verge of addiction. Let's find out what his tattoos are and what they mean. Jovanotti's tattoos are one of the things that most characterize this famous singer. But few know the true meaning that those symbols have for our Lorenzo. Yes, Lorenzo Cherubini, who has always been known as Jovanotti. He made his debut in the 80s when, launched by Claudio Cecchetto, he sang frivolous and funny rap lyrics. But soon his style changes and his music matures and turns into a very different genre: the so-called world music. A genre of contamination that mixes elements of popular music with traditional folk and ethnic music. As his music changes, so do the lyrics of his songs that touch ever deeper philosophical and religious, as well as political and cultural themes.

The Meaning of Jovanotti's Tattoos

Lorenzo's love for the world of art tattoo is evident from the very beginning. The many tattoos that today decorate his body are in part the mirror of his great passion for nature.

Many of Jovanotti's tattoos are animals, among them we find:

His first tattoo: a butterfly, a symbol of mutation and rebirth, which also underlines the brevity of earthly life. This tattoo dates back to 1989 when the singer was 23, and is on his right arm, just below the shoulder. Lorenzo confessed to having opted for a small subject because he had no idea of the pain he would feel during the session with the tattoo artist.

On the left forearm Jovanotti shows off a large and colorful parrot; this subject seems to have a great importance for the singer who links him to his childhood and to his father.

Another animal present in Lorenzo's body is the tiger, this time in black and white, placed on the upper part of the left arm. The animal is drawn in the act of walking with its tail upwards, it seems to descend along its arm.

In the inner part of the right forearm we find a beautiful colored giraffe, another sign of the great love for nature that the singer expresses a lot also through his songs.

Finally, the last animal tattoo in Jovanotti's collection, a whale. Loving colorful tattoos very much, the singer wanted the tattoo artist to use bright colors to draw the large marine mammal: blue, indigo and pearl gray.

Among the other subjects we find two belonging to the Old School : a sailing ship (symbol par excellence of the sailors, for whom the ship represents the real home) and a compass rose on the right calf (which symbolizes the journey, rebirth and return ).

Under the butterfly, on his right arm, Jovanotti has a tattoo depicting an Indian totem, a small and colorful subject.

On the singer's body we also find a religious tattoo, the Madonna of Guadalupe, of which the singer speaks with great affection and to which he feels particularly attached.


Perhaps Lorenzo's best known tattoo is the sun and the moon, made with only black strokes; this tattoo is located near the Indian totem and is permeated by a great symbolism. The two subjects represent the opposite poles, the sun the masculine energy and the moon the feminine one, united in the same design are a symbol of harmonious unity and give life to creation.

Jovanotti's most original tattoo was made in 2013, it is the Delphic Sibyl, a fresco by Michelangelo Buonarroti which is located on the vault of the Sistine Chapel. This tattoo was made on the upper left arm with bright colors such as red, orange, green and blue. The meaning of this subject has to do with Lorenzo's wife, whose face seems to resemble that of Michelangelo's Sibyl.

Last tattoo in chronological order is an island; not just any island but the famous " Neverland" by Peter Pan! This tattoo expresses the spirit of the singer, Jovanotti's love for fantasy, and his desire to always remain a little child.