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Tattoos of Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne, known primarily as the daughter of the popular and extravagant Ozzy, defined by many as "the godfather of heavy metal", and for her participation in the television drama The Osbournes, is an example of how one can love madly art tattoo for a certain period and then decide to downsize this passion.

The tattoos of Kelly Osbourne, daughter of the "prince of darkness" Ozzy, are a cult. Kelly showed a love for tattoos for a long time, during which time she got a considerable number of tattoos ( more than 15 ) imprinted on her body.


For some years, however, she has decided to remove at least part of it. Kelly claims she no longer feels the connection with some of her tattoos which, as she herself declares, were made in a period of her life marked by a great desire for rebellion: "They were a mistake, now I am a new woman compared to the past and I want my change to be tangible!".

To date we do not know how many tattoos Kelly has already eliminated, nor which ones she intends to remove in the future. But we know for sure that she has already experienced a few removal sessions and that one of her most famous tattoos has already been washed off: it is a mechanical piano, 70s style, which she had on her left forearm. Speaking of this tattoo, the lavender-haired lady was very honest in admitting that this subject never meant anything to her, as Kelly never even knew how to play that instrument.

After removing this first tattoo, Kelly posted some thoughts on laser practice for tattoo elimination on Facebook. She states that these are really painful sessions , that green seems to be the most difficult color to eliminate that for a good result, it is important to have good blood circulation. And that the after-effects and pain of the laser are comparable to those of a sunburn, at least for the three days following the session.


Among the various tattoos that Kelly got during her youth we find:

  • Still in Old School style, on the right forearm: it is a very colorful and well executed subject. The anchor is one of the most representative designs of the Old School and means solidity and safety , the true valuesof those who live at sea.
  • Skulls with crossbones on each foot, identical apart from the detail on the skulls: the one on the left foot is female because it has a red bow on its head, the other is male.
  • Pink heart, on the side.
  • Blue heart with crossbones, on Kelly's right wrist.
  • Little star, behind the neck.
  • Heart-shaped lock with the key, a parchment and the words " Daddy" , obviously in honor of Father Ozzy .
  • Two pink wings on the shoulder blades and in the middle the inscription “ I love my mom ” in French.
  • Red heart, on the left little finger.
  • Cross, on the right little finger.

Even though Kelly Osbourne has started the long journey of removal it seems she can't stay away from tattoo shops; in fact, she recently revealed that she had a new tattoo: the writing "Stories " in typewriter, on the right side of the skull tattoo. Perhaps she has opted for this bizarre, but certainly painful, part of the body because once the haircut is changed it will remain completely hidden. And there will be no need to go to a surgeon to make this latest tattoo invisible.