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Tattoos of Megan Fox

Megan Fox over time has made many statements about her tattoos and what they mean to her, we collect some of her personal reflections as follows.

“It's strange to be a part of Hollywood, which tries to control every aspect of people's lives, from what they should say to the color of their hair. And I like the feeling of getting the tattoo. If I'm depressed, I like to feel real and one with the pain. I have one (tattoo) going down my ribs. It hurt, but felt as good as if I had pulled out a loose tooth. I'm not kidding when I say that if I lose a role because of my tattoos, I leave Hollywood and go to work at Costco (an appliance store). People hate tattoos because of their narrow-mindedness."

“It's something that I've come across. People who don't like me always say that I'm a “slum” because I have tattoos. It seems crazy to me. This is 2008, not 1950. Tattoos are not limited to sailors. "

“ It is an art form, and one of the oldest. I find it nice, so I'm going to keep doing it. I'm not going to let things like that stop me. "

The 23-year-old actress, Megan Fox, who said that the relationship had ended, declared to a well-known Australian magazine: “I have the name Brian tattooed on my body”, speaking about the art on her skin: “From time to time I see it a bit reckless. Also, it is such a small and delicate tattoo. Out of curiosity I have asked how much it would cost to remove it, and it would only be $ 200 ”.

Megan Fox regrets having gone to a tattoo artist "high" to have the tribal design on her arm, which ended up being a "stain". Megan is going to remove this tattoo and insists that in the future she will be more careful when choosing a tattoo artist.

The “Transformers” star declares: “The guy was smoking ‘weed’ while he was tattooing me, and he didn't do it correctly. Now it's nothing and I'm going to have it deleted. I was told that he was a really amazing tattoo artist, but he wasn't focused on his work that night. He was distracted".

Fox had better luck with Megan Fox's first tattoo, a picture of her heroine Marilyn Monroe: “He was one of the first people I saw on television, literally moments after he was born. Growing up, every time I heard her voice I wanted to cry. When I was younger I didn't know exactly why, although I have my own theories. I have just always felt empathy for her (Marilyn) ”.

Megan explains some of her other tattoos. The poem that she have on her shoulder ‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies’ is a sentence from the works of William Shakespeare 's "King Lear". Megan says she is very fond of Shakespeare's plays, especially his love poems. And on the back of her neck she has the Chinese symbol for "strength". Megan Fox also has a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her forearm, and a star on her ankle.

Megan Fox intends to continue expanding her tattoo collection, completely covering one of her arms with a sleeve tattoo.