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Tattoos of Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Rihanna is a media star who regularly appears in the press and is also one of the most sought after celebrities on the internet year after year, undoubtedly one of the most influential characters in the current pop universe. She herself has declared her fascination with the world of tattoo and its culture on several occasions.

Rihanna got her first tattoo in 2006 and since then, like many people, her fondness for tattoos has increased, progressively increasing the number of them until she had 15 different tattoos on her anatomy at the time we wrote these lines.

It appears that Rihanna's first tattoo was a "treble clef" on her right ankle in 2006. The treble clef is a common tattoo choice for many musicians or people related to the world of music, a simple symbol and beautiful that never goes out of style, she herself has stated that "music is her DNA" , so the meaning of this tattoo is clear and obvious.

Behind Rihanna's right ear she wears a tattoo of the Pisces zodiac symbol made in a discreet style and stylized by a famous Brazilian tattoo artist whom she met in Tokyo during a tour. As we see it’s a common choice for many people, tattooing their own zodiac sign.

On the inner of her left ear there is a tattoo of a small star that was made in the Village of NYC. She has stated that while walking around the area she entered a tattoo studio and on impulse she directly tattooed that star. The star tattoos are a popular motif, and as discussed Rihanna seems to be particularly fond of star tattoos.

Besides, there is a tattoo on Rihanna's right hip of a vertical quote tattoo which is a prayer in Sanskrit which says: "Forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control". Unfortunately, not even the most well-known characters are free from gaffes, and as sometimes happens it seems that the tattoo is not completely correct and contains some spelling error.

One of Rihanna's most controversial tattoos is the one on her right side, a small automatic pistol. It caused a stir for being a symbol with violent interpretations. The artist has never clarified the meaning of this tattoo for her, but the fact that she did it shortly after her ex-boyfriend assaulted her made many media deduce that there was some kind of meaning related to the assault she had suffered.

The last Rihanna’s tattoo that I am going to talk about is the one that has been worked just below her breasts. This tattoo represents the Egyptian Goddess Isis, and is a tribute to her deceased grandmother. The Goddess Isis is a symbol of the creative feminine principle of life, and in ancient Egypt she was referred to as "Great Mother Goddess" or "Fertilizing Force of Nature". According to Rihanna's words, when she shared this tattoo on twitter with her followers, her grandmother was a woman's role model and a vital source of inspiration for her, hence the choice of this motif for the tattoo in her memory.