Are Tattoos Bad for Your Health

Are Tattoos Bad for Your Health? Understand Your Risks

One of the questions that may arise when getting a new tattoo is to know if tattoos are bad for your health.

In this article we see some risks that show that it is important to get a tattoo in a trustworthy studio and with all the hygienic measures.


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Reactions with anticoagulants

Before looking at the dangers of tattoos for health, let's look at the risk of tattooing with anticoagulants in the blood. This not only includes medications used for heart clots, for example, but also includes other substances such as alcohol. Indeed, in most tattoo shops customers are strongly urged not to consume alcohol before tattooing, since, as it is an anticoagulant, it can cause you to bleed more and even the wound takes longer to heal.


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Infections, a risk of amateur tattoos

Another risk when tattooing involves infections, which may be one of the most common dangers of tattoos. The infection can come in multiple ways, not only from a studio or tattoo artist who does not maintain the hygiene that is demanded, and, of course, this risk increases if the tattoo is amateur and includes diseases as serious as hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, AIDS or tetanus.

A badly healed tattoo can also suffer from a skin infection, which is why it is so important to follow the tattooist's instructions to the letter.


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Allergies, very rare

Although very rare, it has also been the case of people allergic to ink, especially if they wear a metal to which they are allergic and after having a prolonged exposure to the sun. The skin then becomes swollen and itchy.

However, as we said, allergies to tattoo ink are very rare, it is more common to be allergic to latex in tattoo artist gloves.

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So are tattoos bad for your health? Definitely not, although we must take precautions when it comes to getting one, after all, it is a wound. Let us know what you think in the comments!