Basic Care of Your New Tattoo

When we are going to get a tattoo and we have never had one, new doubts arise, especially regarding aftercare . Keep in mind that the tattoo is a wound on the skin, and as such we must treat it so that it heals and heals as quickly as possible.

We are going to give you some guidelines on the basic care of your new tattoo . Tattoo artists can vary a little in terms of the care that must be carried out on the tattoo, but in essence they all refer to the same thing. We must take care of both the material and the processes when making tattoo cures.


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The first hours

When making the tattoo we will notice the redder skin and even that there is some blood. This depends a lot on the person, since there are those who notice much more swelling and the most annoying area. Also the skin is much more sensitive in some areas than in others.

The tattooists are the ones who give the first instructions for the care of the tattoo. If you have doubts you should ask them at that time, since they know well how these tattoos heal. They will clean the area and apply an antibacterial ointment . At this point there are those who differ, as some cover the tattoo with a bandage or dressing and others decide to cover the area with plastic. Both ideas are valid, but they work differently.


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The Dressings can be left longer . They have the quality of covering the wound and preventing bacteria from entering, but allowing oxygen to help the wound heal. The skin perspires and therefore we can spend more hours with the bandages. They can be had from two to twelve hours. If we open the bandage to look, we run the risk of bacteria entering, so if we do this we must change it.

If we use plastic, we prevent bacteria from entering but also that oxygen helps heal the skin. If any bacteria enter, it will be sealed. That is why plastic wrap, which is almost the most common, must be changed every two hours .


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How dressings are changed

Dressings, bandages or plastics should be changed in the same way. We must wash our hands well to avoid having bacteria on them that dirty the wound. Remove the plastic or dressing and soak it in hot water if you notice that it can stick. Gently cleanse the skin with antibacterial soap and water , without rubbing. Dry with a clean paper or sterile bandage. Then apply the ointment that the tattoo artist recommended and bandage the tattoo again.


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How long the healing lasts

The healing of a tattoo lasts between two and four weeks. We must do these cures between three and five times a day until the tattoo heals. The first five days you should use the antibacterial ointment, although afterwards it is possible to switch to a good moisturizer or cream that is soothing for redness, as the tattoo will already be in the healing process. It is important to prevent the area from rubbing against clothing or objects. It is somewhat difficult in certain areas, but it should be done that way or have it well covered with bandages that protect it completely. We will notice some peeling after a while, but it is normal. We must not speed up the process, but we must let the tattoo heal little by little.


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Tattoos in summer

In summer you have to be especially careful with sun exposure. The tattoo should be covered if it is recent, using a good bandage, and avoid getting it wet. In addition, we must always use high protection for the tattoo, to protect the skin. It is really not a good time to get a tattoo, since it is more difficult to protect it on the beach or during the holidays, but it has its advantages, because during the summer we wear looser clothes and the areas can heal much better avoiding the friction of the clothing.


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