Do Tattoos on the Elbow Hurt a Lot?

Tattoos can be done anywhere on the body as long as the natural shape of the body is taken into account so that the image to be tattooed looks good on the skin with excellent results. An area that is usually quite attractive due to the visual effect it has when a person gets a tattoo on this part of the body is the elbow.

The elbow is a part of the body that if you tattoo it you may even forget that you have tattooed here over time, because you simply will not see it daily unless you purposely turn your arm to look at the tattoo, or when you see yourself in a photograph or when you look in a mirror. If you would like to get a nice tattoo on your elbow, then you may be asking yourself a question: do tattoos on your elbow hurt a lot?

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It is a good question because if someone tells you that they did not notice anything when they were getting a tattoo on their elbow, they are most likely lying to you, because it hurts a lot or a little. It is clear that everything will depend on the pain threshold you have and if you do not bear the pain much it is likely that you will have to tell the tattoo artist to do it in several sessions or to stop every x time so you can rest from the pain.

The elbow is a delicate area because it is a bone and it would be tattooed directly on it, so as it happens on the shoulder blade or other areas with bone, it hurts a lot. But the area that would hurt the most would be the elbow area itself, then the surrounding areas, even if you felt pain, it could surely be less intense.

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Care and treatment after getting an elbow tattoo

The steps to follow after the first hours of the tattoo on the elbow

Once you get your tattoo, the tattoo artist will give you a series of tips, which you should follow. In addition, it is very common for him to sell it to you and to comment that you must spend a few hours with said bandage, to protect your skin from possible bacteria. When the time I mentioned has passed, it is time to wash it. Remember that before anything else, you must wash your hands well. Then you will remove the bandage and after that, with antibacterial soap and water, you will remove the remains that have remained on your tattoo. You always have to do this step very carefully. It is best not to apply water directly, but it is preferable that you moisten your hands well. When drying it, do not drag the skin, but you must do it with small touches.

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Always moisturize the skin

With dry skin, what we can do is apply a cream that is special for tattoos and that helps us heal. The same tattoo artist can guide you since there are several on the market. Remember to apply it regularly so that it does not stay dry, because this could cause a kind of scab on it. When applying, do not cover the tattoo too much , since it needs to breathe. With a small amount we will have more than enough. We recommend applying the ointment after washing and drying it for a week. After this time, you can use a normal moisturizer. But it is always better if they do not contain aromas, until the healing is completely complete.

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How often should I wash the tattoo?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions and we will say that it will always depend. As a rule it is said that two or three times a day , up to 5, is the most common. But if you do it fewer times, it is not going to indicate that the tattoo does not take care of itself or heal. Although the most exposed areas do need to be washed more frequently. Since we want to prevent the spread of bacteria and the elbow can be one of those parts that we mentioned.

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Days later, the itch

We cannot and should not scratch ourselves even if the body asks us to. With a little water, the ointment and tapping with a clean towel or cloth, it has to be enough for that itch. But we wanted to highlight it because it really is another one of the steps that never fails every time we get a tattoo. It is part of the healing process, so it is almost inevitable that it will happen just a few days or a week later. Shores will appear that will fall by themselves.

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Avoid submerging it in water and exposing it to the sun

If we think that because it was a tattoo on the elbow it would not take these steps in its healing, we are very wrong. Because it is still a tattoo, whether it is more or less large and where it is located. We want it to cure well and for this, you should avoid submerging it in water . As we mentioned before, it is always better to moisten it but not to add water directly. On the other hand, you should avoid it being sunlight. Hence, it is always better to choose the autumn or winter months, when it is more common for these areas to be sheltered.

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