In today’s age, tattoos have become more artistic than before. The old age focused more on street and monochrome styles, and lacked of details of patterns. Nowadays custom tattooing and freehand work have already known as the main stream of tattoo, most of beginners or even tattoo-lovers want to get their own personal identical tattoos on their skins. So what does freehand tattooing mean and how does it work? We are here to explain you the process of drawing on the body and designing custom tattoos.


A freehand tattoo means sketch directly on the skin with markers instead of transferring to a stencil. This technique pays more attention to the natural flow and shape of the body. Freehand tattoo likes a connection between curvy areas and tattoo images, which used to be complicated with stencil transferred. Moreover, if client wants to have more tattoos to add up, the new tattoos will be pruned personally and easily like their own clothes.

There are many great reasons to draw directly on skin.

  1. You will get identical work from tattooists, since the artist follows your body shape directly to create your freehand tattoo.
  1. It makes the tattoo more creative and original, it allows your freehand tattoo to flow with your muscle or body part.
  1. The work combines the ideas of you and your artist. While the artist is drawing the piece on your body, actually it is a process of brainstorm, as you will see the work subjectively and objectively.
  1. Not all tattoos are suitable on stencil. Freehand tattoo makes the progress to be risk-free. Because the artist will according to your muscle to see the dynamic of the work in variety angles to make sure the work won’t come out weird.   

Here is the steps in creating a freehand tattoo design on skin.

  1. Remove the natural body oil from skin, to help the painting flow more smoothly.
  1. Use a light color to sketch the guideline.
  1. Use different colors to build up details.
  1. Give the work definition by using darker markers.
  1. Ready to get your original tattoo!

Give Your Artist Respect And Trust

We already know the differences of freehand tattoo creation, it contains infinity possibilities to create piece on skin, emphasizes the nature flow and unique of the piece on customer’s body part. Trusting tattooist and having conversation about the work, will make the freehand work with more unforgettable details.