How to Choose a Tattoo Design

When choosing a tattoo design, you must figure out what tattoo means to you and the artistic vitality of tattoos.

eye tattoo

How to Choose a Tattoo Design

First of all, it depends on what type of patterns you like, will you choose colored or black and gray, abstract totem or realistic style, traditional style or school style.

Secondly, decide the purpose of the tattoo design. Expressing the original survival, superstition, clan, memorial, self-heroism consciousness, passion, beauty or covering scars. Make sure you get your own idea and then communicate with the tattoo artist.

Tattoos that show your own personality are the perfect ones. But you have to make yourself conscious of why some parts of the tattoo design on your body fade easily.

bee tattoo on the chest

What Types of Tattoo Fades Easily

Tattoos breach the skin, what they emerge will change after the recovery. Phenomenon like peeling or color losing will be seen. These could be caused by many reasons, such as improper aftercare, bath taking or scabs peeling.

Besides, the chance of tattoo fading depends on the kind and position of it. Simple lines like that in a letter tattoo, which is usually less deep poked at the end of the lines in order to make them smooth, lose color easily after recovery.

In addition, large-area tattoos like totem tattoos fade a bit apparently, because of the dense sticks on the skin. What’s more, colored tattoos don’t always appear full color right after finishing, it’s hard to tell if the work is completely done at that time, therefore, you may find color fading after their healing.

Anyway, if you want to reduce the risk of tattoo fading or bad tattoos getting, it’s essential to find an excellent experienced tattooist. And before you get to do that, you may try a tattoo sticker. I cooperate with inktells currently. They are selling tattoo stickers, which have temporary tattoo stickers and semi-permanent tattoo stickers. They work with over hundreds artists, to transfer their works into tattoo stickers. These stickers take you less than 30 seconds to apply them to your body. Temporary tattoos last for 2-4 days on average, and semi-permanent tattoos last for about 15 days. It's best not to compromise with a bad tattooist just because you are “dying” to get a tattoo, you can keep using tattoo stickers until you meet the right one.

wolf girl thigh tattoo

Instead of Getting a Tattoo, Try a Semi-Permanent One First

Not everyone can keep their body types same as always. Therefore, a great number of people’s tattoos will vary as their bodies. So some of them will choose to tattoo a new bigger pattern to fix the former one. Or there are some customers who regret to have tattooed after a period of time, but overall it’s hard to guarantee the final outcomes because of different styles of tattoo artists. Moreover, it’s well-known that there is no way to remove a tattoo perfectly, even though the laser technique is famous now.    

I always feel so sorry to those “destroyed skin”, since those people didn't think it through or know more about tattoos before they got them. As a tattoo artist, I personally recommend people who worry about getting a tattoo, or tattooist isn't good enough, can try to get a semi-permanent tattoo sticker. You must know that your skin is precious, and unlike drawing with a pencil on a piece of paper, permanent tattoos cannot be easily removed as you want to, just choose a semi-permanent tattoo if you are new to tattoo. It can leave yourself some leeway.

Semi-permanent tattoo stickers are not like permanent tattoos, which won’t take you long time to tattoo and don’t require any wound caring. I’m cooperating with inktells, this team working with various of tattoo artists and illustrators, and makes their arts into tattoo stickers, which are divided into temporary tattoo stickers and semi-permanent tattoo stickers. These stickers can meet the demand of the feeling of tattoos for beginners. They take you less than 30 seconds to apply them to your body. Temporary tattoos last for 2-4 days on average, and semi-permanent tattoos last for about 15 days. And if you love the tattoo you have applied on your body, you can reuse the stickers and apply them again. If you don't want it anymore, you can use body oil to gently remove the stickers, and won’t hurt your skin.

You can also try to apply tattoo stickers on different areas of your body, and figure out which area of your body matches the pattern best. Once you feel satisfied with the pattern after a long time, then maybe it’s time for you to consider to have your own permanent tattoo.

calf tattoo arm tattoo