Something About Temporary Tattoo

The temporary tattoos are a good option to get an idea of how we could be if we became a permanent tattoo, because we must keep in mind that once the ink is in our body, the design will stay with us the rest of our lives . For this reason, the ideal is to test first how the tattoo will look without having to go through the tattoo artist's needle. The idea of long-lasting temporary tattoos is to make yourself a design that you can easily erase, so that you can live with the tattoo for some time and thus be able to decide whether to take the step to get a permanent one.



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How to make temporary tattoos last longer

Depending on the technique you use, your tattoo can last from a week to 6 months. If you follow these recommendations you can make your temporary tattoo last longer on your body:

Before applying the temporary tattoo it is essential that you exfoliate the skin in the area where you want to place it, a small amount of baking soda or brown sugar will remove dead cells and leave the skin fit. Once the tattoo is placed you should let it dry well, when it is dry you should seal it by applying a little powder to the area and avoid contact so that the tattoo does not come off. Also, you should avoid the use of moisturizing creams in the tattoo area, and when we bathe, do not rub hard on the skin. Follow these tips and I'm sure your temporary tattoo will last longer.