Will tattoos be an obstacle to your job search? In other words, should we take a conservative attitude when facing tattoos? If you want to get a tattoo, even if you already have a tattoo, but you are not sure about the current job market's view of tattoos, please read this article first before making your plans. Or, it is better to choose to use inktells tattoo stickers instead of permanent tattoos.

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The law allows people at work to have tattoos. Sylvia Romano, a lawyer in São Paulo, a labor law expert, explained in an interview with O Globo that even in private companies, employers cannot veto their employees’ piercings, tattoos, beards or long hair.

"This behavior is not allowed by law because it is considered discriminatory and body modification is not subject to internal rules." Silvia said, "However, this is a common practice in many companies, especially it is when hiring employees. They will not choose inappropriate people who are not suitable for their company.

For example, when an employee is dismissed, if the employee believes that the dismissal is due to prejudice caused by the tattoo, he can file a labor claim in the labor court for mental damage. In 2016, the Federal Supreme Court ruled by a vote of 7 to 1 that people with tattoos cannot be prevented from holding public office.


Unfortunately, in some private companies and certain areas, tattoos can hinder employment. This is a fact. Since the company is a private company, the employer has no obligation to tell you that he fired you because you have a tattoo. This is sad but true. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, you'd better know: more conservative professions, such as those in banks or law firms that require more caution, are best not to get tattoos. Obviously, some employers in these establishments may not care whether you have a tattoo (after all, a tattoo will not interfere with the quality of your work in any way), but you could not count on the chance of passing the interview. Therefore, if you plan to work in a more conservative company, the ideal behavior is not to have obvious tattoos.

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But we can see things in a positive way: the problem of tattoos at work is gradually changing, especially in the sales area. For example, Caito Maia, the owner of Chilli Beans, Brazil's largest sunglasses and accessories chain, violated the stereotype of successful entrepreneurs and employers. Marcel Camelotti, manager of Chilli Beans headquarters in downtown Curitiba, said that he had encountered some difficulties in finding a job in the past.

He said: “I saw their prejudice more because they were worried that customers would not like it.” He heard several times that he did not match the company's image because of his tattoo. "But at Chilli Beans, you can see that this kind of thing has not happened. We welcome tattoo employees." He said in a job interview that no matter whether it is an elderly or a young person, there is no problem with tattoos in his company. In other words: no matter what your personal style is, being an excellent employee and maintaining a good working condition are the most important.


It is not difficult to hear someone say: "If you have a tattoo, your career will be ruined." In some areas, this is correct. Many conservative companies do not hire employees with many visible tattoos. However, the overall situation is changing-at least this is what new American research points out.

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Miami Business School and the University of Western Australia found that the wages of tattooed employees and non-tattooed employees were similar, and no discrimination against people with body art was found. When it comes to work, it is strange that anyone with a tattoo can take advantage of the tattoo when getting a related job.

The study surveyed more than 2,000 people in the United States. "In our sample, various other estimation methods are considered. There is no statistical difference between the annual salary and income of tattooed and non-tattooed employees in the United States, and it is very likely that the tattooed person, even in some cases, the researcher concluded in the article: "It is even more likely to find a job. "

First, the study found that tattoos are still popular, with women more popular than men. 23% of men said they had at least one tattoo, while almost 37% of women said the same. Second, and more importantly, the researchers found that having tattoos does not seem to have anything to do with job discrimination or lower wages. "If someone has tattoos, multiple tattoos, if the tattoos are visible, the researcher wrote, and whether they are "visually objectionable." According to this research, in fact, people with tattoos are more likely to work longer than those without tattoos within a year. According to the researchers, these advantages can be partially explained by the fact that “compared to modern occupations, tattoos are more common in more modern jobs (for example, marketing). " But despite this, it is still a very specific vision. Other studies in the region have shown that having tattoos is an advantage in certain market segments. For example, a study published by the University of St Andrews has pointed out, the competitive advantage of tattooed people in modern occupations. According to this survey, for example, people with tattoos on exposed areas such as the face are more likely to work as bartenders in a nightclub-although of course, when they work in restaurants the waiter may be discriminated against.

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Those who intend to work in less conservative fields (such as advertising agencies, newsrooms, construction companies, design and some communications departments) can afford a more "modern" look. However, in any case, it is worth mentioning: if you are not sure what occupation you want to pursue, please avoid tattoos on your hands, neck and very obvious areas. After all, as long as society remains partially conservative, tattoos are a problem at work and will always be a problem.

But if you want to keep your personality even when you find a job, you can try a tattoo sticker. If the job you are looking for is not suitable for having a tattoo, you can remove it. Inktells has got plenty of kinds of designs of tattoos that you may love.