Tattooing has been prevailing in our daily life, and people get their own designs. But, what if a new mother wants to get her tattoo?


One of the questions that especially in recent years is often asked to gynecologists around the world is: “Can I get a tattoo during pregnancy?”

In fact, we have seen how in recent decades the fashion of body art has become increasingly popular. Today, tattoos and piercings are no longer seen with the same eyes of the past indeed. They seem to have become part of the common culture all over the world, as well as a new accessory with which to beautify your body, an element with which to show you keep up with the trends of the moment.

All of this of course is at the discretion of the individual, but what happens from the moment you face a pregnancy? Is it still possible to get tattoos during a delicate period like this? Let's find out together!

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Are there any scientific explanations stating that  pregnant women can't get tattoos?

If no one has asked similar questions in recent years, and has not conducted a scientific analysis of this topic, then the necessary analysis of the spread of this special form of art will not go deeper and deeper!

Possible risks that you might run into if you get a tattoo during pregnancy

In fact, according to the studies conducted both on the materials and on the conditions of the pregnant woman and the newborn, it has been established that it is absolutely not advisable to get a tattoo during a pregnancy! This especially as regards the first 3 months of gestation which establish the correct formation of the fetus! Although the tattoo artist can show an almost maniacal attention in the disinfection of needles and work tools, the possibility of contracting an infection is always around the corner, such as syphilis, hepatitis C and B and HIV. Actually, during pregnancy, the pregnant woman's immune defenses are considerably lowered, increasing the risks for her and therefore even for the baby! The skin also tends to be much more sensitive during these 9 months, leading to an easy contraction of allergies and various itches.

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The inks used for tattooing

In addition, the inks used for the realization of the tattoo that is injected under the skin, are composed of elements harmful to the fetus such as zinc, lead and mercury. However, there are no scientific studies that prove the actual reaching of the harmful cells contained in the ink up to the fetus, but why risk?

So for all new mothers who want to celebrate this important moment of their life with a tattoo dedicated to the future child, the advice is to wait, so that even the skin regains its natural tone!


The following part of the article is mainly suitable for all women who have just given birth! The question we ask you from the beginning is the following: “Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? ”Let's go and clarify the situation better.

With the passage of time, the fashion of tattooing your child's name or remembering it through a drawing has grown a lot. It is certainly no secret that therefore a lot of mothers, immediately after giving birth and therefore during breastfeeding, decide to undergo this procedure.

In the post we will go to see together what are the greatest risks in getting tattoos while breastfeeding, if there are serious problems or if it is necessary to wait a few months. Is tattooing while breastfeeding advisable or not? Let's find out together!

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Scientific studies about whether a breastfeeding mother can get a tattoo

We point out right away that there are no in-depth studies on this matter. Unfortunately, the question does not seem to have particularly interested scientists to date. To understand us better, nobody, perhaps not seeing the need, has ever taken care of this problem. However, we can tell you that according to various trade magazines, luckily the tattoo does not interfere with breastfeeding at all!

In fact, the association of volunteers that deals with assistance to women who want to breastfeed, said: "Tattoos are created by injecting ink into the dermis (second and third layer of skin). Tattoo artists use an electric device equipped with solid needles covered in ink. The needles penetrate the skin hundreds of times per minute to a depth of a few millimeters, however the ink molecules are too large to pass into breast milk."


It would seem that the execution of the tattoo would not have a harmful effect on mother’s milk! If anything, the risks can be caused by bad tattoo care immediately after its realization, as well as by the tattoo artist's lack of attention to hygiene rules!

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Reasons why it would be better to wait

For those who are determined to get a tattoo while breastfeeding, they must still keep in mind some precautions and find out about the tattoo artist from whom they want to make it:

  • In fact,it is necessary to consider the possibility that the tattoo artist may also refuse to make a tattoo on a pregnant woman or during the breastfeeding period;
  • Moreover, severalgynecologists advise against its implementation in the first six months of breastfeeding to avoid unnecessary risks and because of the vulnerability that the immune system of a new mother has to face in this delicate moment;
  • Not to mention that the body has been subjected to different stresses during the 9 months of gestation, so it would be better to waitto avoid causing further stress;
  • We must not forget that after childbirth the body and skin tend to change: especially the epidermis, since it was subjected to great tension during the period immediately preceding it! Therefore it would be better to wait for it to regain its natural elasticityand tone to have an optimal realization of the tattoo!

In short, in principle there should be no further warning regarding the advisability of getting a tattoo while breastfeeding!