With the changes and development of the times, it is not difficult to imagine that the wave of minor tattoos has gained strength and supporters while facing many obstacles and prejudices. But is it really worth making body art under the impulse of will?

green dress girl tattoo

1. Is it legal to tattoo minors?

In Brazil, there is no single federal law on tattoos for children and adolescents. Each state has its own regulations. But among all these people, it is a crime to do so without parental consent. According to the understanding of the 9th Criminal Law Chamber of the TJSP, this will cause serious personal injury because it will cause permanent deformities (Article 129, paragraph 1, paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code).

2. Can teenagers get tattoos?

Now, with parental consent, in many states, this is no longer a crime. Not only must there be valid consent, but also the principle of social appropriateness (within the appropriate scope, this is the same requirement). For example, in Rio Grande do Sul, only people over the age of 16 can get tattoos, and with the consent of the guardian, the parents have written authorization and are in the studio during the child's tattooing process. Sao Paulo has a state law that prohibits tattoos on minors even with parental consent.

3. Why is it forbidden to tattoo on minors?

This will be a form of protection. In many cases, tattooing may be an impulsive behavior, which is common among minorities. Then you may feel regret later, or even lose yourself (given that professional biases related to tattoos still exist).


4. Will a tattoo hurt your chances of getting a job in the future?

Although many companies have changed their views on skin art, there are still some areas where tattoos are banned and criteria for excluding candidates.

5. Is it impossible to remove tattoos?

Although the removal technology is very advanced, the tattooing process still needs to be regarded as a permanent job because the process can be difficult, painful and expensive. Therefore, although it is possible to erase the tattoo, it is best not to rely on it.


6. Are there health risks to tattoos?

If it is carried out in an appropriate place and has the sanitary conditions required for health surveillance, it does not. The problem is that because these places usually do not tattoo for teenagers, minors often do not have any preparation and do not have minimum sanitary conditions.

7. What should young people do when they desire to get a tattoo?

Since every choice involves risks, this choice tends to exist in your body permanently or for a long time, so it must be done in a deliberate manner. Considering that you are a minor, you also need to talk to your parents, seek information and clarify any doubts to advance this idea. We are here and we recommend that you wait for a while after the age of 18. Or, you can choose another method, using personalized inktells’ tattoo stickers instead of permanent tattoos. Tattoo stickers allow you to maintain your personality without violating the rules and regulations, and without risk.