What Do You Need to Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Most of the things to consider are very simple or fall within common sense, but as happens many times in life, sometimes we forget the most obvious and finally end up regretting, or realizing that “we could have done better ”. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, here are a few simple tips or recommendations that can help you, or at least we hope so. And if it’s not time yet for you do start tattooing, you may like to choose inktells’ tattoo stickers instead.

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1. You Need to Know the Size of the Tattoo You Want Beforing Tattooing

People tend to get a small first tattoo and often end up regretting not getting a medium or large one. Small tattoos necessarily have to be simpler, since they cannot be done in such detail, which limits the tattoo artist a bit when developing his/her technique. In addition, small tattoos tend to fade easily, being the finest lines or accumulating detail on a smaller surface. Often times, over the years these tattoos end up taking on a slightly blurred appearance.

Tiny tattoos have only one advantage: if you regret it in the future, they will be cheaper to remove; or simpler to cover with another larger design. But we are talking about doing things well to avoid reaching those extremes, right?

The best choice is usually a medium-sized tattoo. This gives the tattoo artist more technical freedom to perform a more comfortable job. The medium tattoo also usually offers the possibility of being enlarged more easily in the future.

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2. You Need to Know the Location of the Tattoo You Want Before Tattooing

Fortunately nowadays the tattoo is no longer considered something typical of thugs, sailors or people from sordid environments, and little by little it is regaining a status of normality as it had in many past times. let's not forget that it is a technique that has more than 4,000 years of history and a great tradition of respectability in many cultures, but that is another matter.

Its current popularity does not prevent people who do not consider it appropriate or in good taste, so a tattoo in a visible area of the body can become a problem in certain situations of daily life, such as looking for a job. Even today many employers avoid selecting personnel with visible tattoos for public relations positions and some military or law enforcement agencies impose limits on the surface of the tattooed areas visible to applicants to join them.

As a general recommendation, when in doubt, it is always advisable to a tattoo that can be hidden if at some point in our life we need to do that.

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3. You Need to Know Design of the Tattoo You Want Before Tattooing

If you are not sure what you want to tattoo, it is because the time to get a tattoo has not yet come, and even if you think you have it clear, it may be time for you to calmly reflect one last time before the tattoo machine is start up.

Where to start looking for an idea? Start thinking that a tattoo is for life, so it is a good strategy to start by choosing a theme that you are pretty sure you will always like. For example, if you like the Great Egyptian Sphinx, it is quite likely that in 30 years you will continue to like it; Or if you are a fan of flamenco, the normal thing is that this style of music you like all your life and that you never regret having tattooed a Spanish guitar.

Another common mistake is choosing the same tattoo as a person you admire. The tattoos of that person have special meanings for him/her, not for you. Even if you think sharing its meaning is not usually a good idea.

Issues related to politics, sports teams, or other collective affiliations can also be a poor choice. Life takes many turns and you never know, imagine that Figo had tattooed a Barça shield: who was going to tell him that in a short time he was going to end up playing for Madrid?

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4. You Need to Know How to Choose a Right Tattooist Before Tattooing

Fortunately today you don't have to travel to the other side of the world to get a quality tattoo. In any large or medium-sized city you can find several professional studios where high-level work is carried out. Find out before choosing and go see them personally, they will be happy to show you samples of their work and help you find what you are looking for.

Some tattoo artists are more specialized in certain themes or styles, which can also be a variable to take into consideration when choosing artist.

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5. You Need to Know the Importance of the Hygiene Standards of the Studio Before Tattooing

This is the basic point that you should never forget. Carrying out tattoos without the corresponding hygiene measures or with inappropriate materials can lead to really serious problems for your health, from infections or poisonings, to incurable diseases such as Hepatitis C or AIDS.

Always avoid tattoo artists who do not have a local conditioned, do not have a license, or propose to get the tattoo done at home. It always requires disposable materials and that it is in possession of a permit from the relevant health authorities. Good professionals are the first one concerned about their own health and that of their clients.

Sanitary precautions don't end at the tattoo studio. You should never forget that a tattoo is basically an open wound on your skin, a wound made voluntarily, but one wound after all, so all the precautions you should take with a wound should also be taken with your tattoo. Follow the instructions of your tattoo artist, and in case of doubt always consult a doctor if you think that the healing of your tattoo is not being normal.

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6. You Need to Know the Cost of the Tattoo Beforing Tattooing

I recently found an article on the internet that talked about how to save money when it comes to getting a tattoo. The answer is simple: if you are thinking of saving, do not get a tattoo. It is the best way to save, in money and in troubles.

Tattoos are not especially expensive. Professional tattoo artists make money, but except for a handful of superstars all have a reasonable fee. As a general rule, a tattoo artist develops a job that could be considered hourly, that is, the more work and more hours the tattoo takes, the more money they will have to charge. You cannot charge the same for a small butterfly on one ankle as for a dragon occupying your entire back.

Also think that if because of skimping money over time what you get is to have a tattoo that you regret, it will be very expensive, not only on an “emotional” level, but also on an economic level: washing tattoos off is much more expensive to make them.

Therefore, if you believe that permanent tattoos are just too expensive for you, just get some inktells’ tattoo stickers which are fashionable and artistically designed. What’s more, they are easy to apply and easy to move.

That's all for my tips. As you can see everything has enough logic and is based on the application of common sense. Do things calmly and meditating each step and you will end up with a great tattoo, which is probably the first in a long series.

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