Showering With Tattoo, Tips for Your First Days

One of the many doubts and complicated activities in the first days after tattooing that may arise, is showering with a tattoo. And it is not for less, since the skin is still tender and wounded.

In this article we will see a few tips that may be useful in the first days.

Before shower

If your tattoo is fresh, you probably still have the plastic wrap. Above all, follow the instructions of your tattoo artist. However, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind before getting in the shower:

  • In case you have to remove the plastic wrap, remember to do it gently and without pulling. It may stick in places and if you are too rough you can hurt yourself (and worst case damage the tattoo as well).
  • Ifthe paper or bandage has stuck to the tattoo, use water to peel it off more easily. Be careful not to get inside the bandage or it can introduce bacteria and the wound could become infected.
  • It is also recommended that you avoid, when removing your clothes, that the tattoo rubs with them, especially if you are no longer wearing the bandage.
  • Avoid bathsand choose to shower, at least for the first week, since if you bathe the tattoo is more at risk of infection. Bathrooms include not only the bathtub at home, but also in lakes, pools, rivers ...
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During shower

The moment of truth has come, the time to shower with a tattoo . It is a good idea to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Set the temperature of the showerto a temperature neither too cold nor too hot (at least in the part that will be most in contact with the tattoo).
  • Avoid directing the stream of water directly on the design. This is not only valid for the first few days, but for when it is fully cured, since the water, if it has a lot of pressure, can tear off the scabs and damage not only your skin but also the design.
  • Use neutral soapto clean the tattoo area.
  • Avoid rubbing the tattooed area, especially the first few days. Useyour hand (clean them before) gently over the area both to put the soap and to rinse it.
  • Try not to spend a lot of time in the showerso that the design is not in contact with water, soap and heat for longer than necessary.
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After shower

After the shower we are clean, but our tattoo, until it is completely healed, is still in danger. That is why it is highly recommended that you take these tips into account:

  • Use a clean towel to dry your tattoo. If you don't have (or are not sure if it is very, very clean) use paper towels. Dirty towels can introduce bacteria to the skin and cause the tattoo to become infected.
  • Dry the tattoo very carefully.This means no rubbing: tap it lightly with the towel and paper to absorb the water little by little.
  • Again, follow the advice of your tattoo artist when it comes to knowing what to do after showering. Most will recommend that you use a cream to speed up healing.In this case, remember that less is more and that you must put on a very thin layer for the tattoo to heal properly.
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How often should I clean my tattoo?

In addition to showering with a tattoo, your tattoo artist may have recommended that you clean the tattoo three times a day, at least for the first week. Follow all their advice to the letter and remember to wash your hands before touching your tattoo for any reason.

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We hope that these tips on showering with a tattoo have helped you clarify doubts, something that can enter us very easily, especially if we are neophytes. Tell us, how has your experience been? Do you have any tips you want to share? Share it with us by leaving a comment!