Truths And Lies About Tattoo

1-It is more painful to get a tattoo on a bone


Yes it's correct. When the needle is constantly passing over an area of thin skin and bone, it hurts. The areas of the body that have more fat and skin act as a cushion for the needle and therefore hurt less.

This means that getting a tattoo along your spine is more likely to grind your teeth than let's say tattooed on your thigh.

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2-Taking a pain reliever before getting a tattoo is a good idea


While it may seem like common sense to take a pain reliever before getting a tattoo, it does not necessarily mean that some pain relievers like aspirin are blood thinners. This can cause you to bleed more while you are getting a tattoo, which means that the colors may fade.

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3-People have contracted HIV from infected tattoo needles


There are no cases of people getting HIV after getting a tattoo (or even a body piercing). However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be cautious. says there is a potential risk, so you should always get a tattoo from a properly licensed salon.

When a professional tattoo artist performs a tattoo, he takes sufficient hygienic measures. He thinks that the first one who does not want to be infected is him. A tattoo artist can prick himself with a needle and fear makes him take extreme precautions. For this reason it is very difficult to get AIDS or hepatitis with a tattoo in a studio.

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4-Chlorine in swimming pools fades the colors of your tattoo


Chlorine cannot get under the first layer of skin where the needle may be, so you don't need to worry about bleach fading. However, it is probably not a great idea to go swimming in a chlorinated pool if you finish getting the tattoo. In this case it is still raw and bleeding and the wound is not healed if it will come into contact with the chlorine and lose strength.

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5-You can get a vegan tattoo


Many tattoo inks contain charred bone (burnt animal bones) and resin from shellac beetles. If you are a strict vegan, getting a tattoo could be problematic. But don't worry, these days vegetable inks are just as good as the classic ones. The best brand Intenze is 100% vegetable! Ask your tattoo artist if the ink is vegetable or not, he will inform you. There are also tattoo studios that have become popular for being vegan, Fifth Dimension is one such example in London.

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6-You can not do blood donation


You can donate blood, but there are rules about how long after you get a tattoo you can give blood. Blood banks say that you cannot give blood in the first four months after getting a tattoo. However, after that, you can donate whatever you want.

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7-It used to be illegal to get a tattoo in New York


Between 1961 and 1997, it was illegal to get a tattoo in New York City in the United States after a hepatitis attack broke out in the 1960s. This meant that several underground tattoo parlors were opened. It was illegal in Massachusetts until 2000, with penalties that include jail sentences. Now getting a tattoo is legal in every state in the US.

8-You can't have an epidural if you have a lower back tattoo


Well, it depends on the hospital. Some anesthesiologists who give women epidurals (an injection of pain medication into the spine) when they are in labor have raised concerns about piercing the skin with the tattoo ink covering it. Because Fragments of ink could enter the spinal cord and contaminate the medicine, but the risk of this happening is very small. Check with your hospital if you are not sure.

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9-Getting a tattoo is more painful than giving birth


Getting a tattoo is not as painful as giving birth to a child. It hurts, but it's a very different kind of pain than having a baby. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to get a tattoo? The best description we've ever heard is that it's like scratching a sunburn. Painful, but nothing like childbirth.

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10-You can not remove a multicolored tattoo


It is true that colors like yellow, white and pink are the most difficult to remove with laser treatment, while black responds better to laser removal, however the more pigments there are in a tattoo, it is more likely not to be removed.

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11-Tattoos look bad when you're old


There are so many older people who have tattoos and they still look totally amazing. If you love your tattoos now and you don't regret anything, then the chances that they will still love you when you are 90 years old are pretty high. The key is to keep a fit body and avoid being left, a left body is what makes a tattoo ugly, but the tattoo itself does not.

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12-The tattoo is done with a single needle


This is one of the great falsehoods about the tattooing process. It comes from the ignorance that most of the public has of which is the method of tattooing. To be precise, the tattoo needles that a tattoo artist uses range from one to 30 or 40 or more. For example, if the tattoo artist has to do a large tattoo on his back, he will use a group of needles 20 upwards to fill. On the other hand, if you have to make a small tattoo, you can use a 2, 7, 9 needle for the line, that is, 9 needles attached to the rod.

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13-Normally when tattooing a lot of blood comes out


The blood that comes out of a tattoo is imperceptible in most cases. On the other hand, it depends on the tattoo artist and the time it takes to complete the session. Most tattoo artists know how far to stick the needles to avoid producing blood. Of course it bleeds but very little and with petroleum jelly it is not noticeable.

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14-A pregnant woman should not get a tattoo


It is one of the rules that we should follow to avoid any problem. In reality, the danger is that the mother can contract some vaccines due to infection and transmit it to the fetus. It is best not to risk your baby's health for a tattoo.