Tattoos can bring us many advantages, such as showing personality, relieving pressure, enhancing self-confidence, etc. This article will pick out two of the advantages to talk about.


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Benefit 1 of 2:Tattooed People Have Better Immune Systems

A new study will give you more reasons to have tattoos: humans with tattoos have better immune systems than those without tattoos, but the results of the study only apply to people with multiple tattoos. If you are a lover of this kind of art, then this is the coolest thing.

Researchers at the University of Alabama found that the body responds better to each new design attached to the skin. As the immune response improves, the entire organism is less susceptible to new infections, which can prevent the emergence of new diseases. Therefore, maybe your body lacks a tattoo if you want this benefit somehow.


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The team used the following analogy: The job of a tattoo is like exercise. When you go to the gym for the first time, your body is not yet used to it, so you will feel weak. This can cause you to feel exhausted after exercise, just as your body is exhausted when "contaminated" by external agents. However, when you repeat this process, drug resistance will increase, which is what scientists realized when analyzing a group of volunteer organisms during the research process. The researchers also checked how many tattoos the person had and how long the ink was tattooed on the skin.

To complete this study, they also studied the levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A and the stress-related hormone cortisol in blood samples. They found that after each tattoo, the level of immune globulin dropped "lessly", that is, the body received more and more protection.

The results are exciting, but more research is needed to determine the paper. After all, the research was done with a limited sample: 24 women and 5 men. However, you can still use the news as an excuse to decorate yourself more often!


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Benefit 2 of 2: Teachers With Tattoos Are More Credible Among Students

My friend, times have changed. If you have a relative or friend who says that tattoos are not suitable for work, you can tell him that he/she is wrong. Even professionals who need a high reputation, such as university professors, can get tattoos and continue to exercise their profession to the greatest extent.

A study conducted by psychologist David B. Wiseman of Brookdale University in New Jersey proved that teachers with tattoos receive more attention and respect from students. To reach this conclusion, the man showed 128 college students pictures of female teachers used in research-some with tattoos, some without. He evaluated them in nine aspects, all of which are related to their professional abilities. Finally, most teachers with tattoos left a positive impression on the students.


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According to this research, “analysis shows that the appearance of tattoos on teachers is related to positive changes in the classroom. For example, increasing students’ motivation, students show greater creativity when providing services, and they feel more willing to recommend to others Their teacher".

There are too many talks about tattoos on the Internet, and we don't know how to treat them. But now is the time to look at well-founded tattoo research. Who knows, will so many prejudices exist forever, or will one day end?

Or on the other hand, we can consider choose our tattoo sticker as a substitute, with which you can show your personality and gain confidence without permanent defects.