Where Tattoos Hurt the Most

Where do tattoos hurt the most? We already started by saying that the issue of pain is always a very personal matter. The only thing we can get into is the areas of the body that are called the most sensitive. Since in them we will notice a little more intense pain than in others, but even so, the pain threshold is not the same for all of us.

Broadly speaking, a series of pain zones and thresholds have been established, ranging from the most intense to another that is quite bearable. For all those who still wonder where tattoos hurt the most, today we review the entire body, but as always, we also want to know your opinion.

 back tattoo

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Where tattoos hurt the most

We must say that tattoos will always hurt more in the areas of the body where there is less meat . But as we say, it cannot always be an exact science, since it will depend on the person. It is usual that in the areas where the meat that surrounds the bone is present, they are less painful in general. Even so, there is always some kind of ranking that shows us the areas of the body where the tattoo hurts the most. Do you want to know them?


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Most painful areas to tattoo

The established rule is that the armpit area is one of the most painful when it comes to getting a tattoo. So if it is going to be your first time, it is not advisable that you opt for this place. In the same way, the instep area and also the ankle are another of the complicated ones. It is true that there are people who have suffered little, but many others have complained. Both are quite sensitive places, so it makes the skin much thinner and as such, delicate.

Both the part of the ribs and the stomach, we can also speak that we are facing a high pain threshold. For many, the rib area is even worse. Again we think about the meat that is here and it is not too much. Although not for many people, but it should be noted that on the fingers, it also hurts to get a tattoo. In the same way as in the palm of the hand, the nipples or in the part of the elbow. Of course, another of the most sensitive areas is in the knee and without a doubt, in the genitals.


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Factors that also influence pain when getting a tattoo

One of the factors that can also be indicative of more or less pain is the tattoo design. You have to know that if it has very fine lines, then it will hurt a little more because when it comes to drawing them, the needle goes into small and intense areas. In the same way, if your tattoo has a filling, it will also hurt a little more because you have to go through the same area several times.

The type of machine can also make pain a little more bearable. It is not that it is all a miracle, but it is true that some tattooists use rotary type machines, which are a bit more painful. But if they have a piston, then you can make it cushion against the skin. Undoubtedly, for all this we always have to choose a tattoo artist who has a good experience , because although it may not seem like it, the more they master the technique, the more pain they will be to always stick the needle from the angle that is necessary. It is true that all these are details and that they will not make us stop feeling the pain at all, since as we have said, the person and the place chosen for our design will always depend.


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