11 Best Ideas Of Space Tattoo Designs

Space is a fascinating mystery to which many people are trying to find an answer. Pictures with planets, starry sky are a stylish decor, a spectacular screensaver on your phone and PC, as well as a good solution for creating an original picture on your body. Space tattoo design is a set of ideas that can be translated into reality - to fill a real canvas with celestial bodies and planets or an elegant chain with stars.  Space in all its infinity and its splendor has always fascinated the minds of mankind. Cold endless emptiness with myriads of stars and planets, the limits of which the human brain is unable to recognize.

The Meaning Of Space Tattoo Designs

Each space tattoo designs, regardless of whether there is text or not, has a polysemantic, complex meaning. Depending on the color scale, the choice of celestial bodies, the image can be interpreted as power, peace, infinity, and boundlessness. Space tattoo designs are the choice of creative, comprehensively developed personalities. In addition, color space tattoo design with constellations have their own interpretation:

  1. constellation of twins - contradiction, duality;
  2. Sagittarius - wisdom, philosophical beginning; scales - harmony, moderation;
  3.  lion - courage, fire;
  4. cancer - fruitfulness;
  5. adherence to tradition.

space tattoo design

Space tattoo design of @tatuajera.art via Instagram

Interesting Fact About Space Tattoo Design

A space tattoo design with stars is a symbol of love, luck, and the Moon and Earth mean feminine strength. The sun is a symbol of courage. To attract good luck, you should come up with a sketch with one or more stars. Space sketches for tattoos are often chosen by true dreamers who secretly think about our Universe and want to see it at least once outside of pictures. Such people are attracted by the unknown and tempted by the cosmic expanses. As a subject for a space tattoo design, space can mean the versatility and mystery of a person who decides on such a tattoo. The meaning of such global motives is always ambiguous. Someone admires the beauty and perfection of geometric abstractions, someone is fascinated by the mystery of the possible presence of other civilizations and forms of life - the scope for fantasies in the subject of "space" is also endless.

 space tattoo design

Space tattoo design @dementetattoos via Instagram

Suitable Places On The Body For A Tattoo With Space

Small space tattoo designs look beautiful and harmonious on the wrists, neck, ankles. If the tattoo has a larger area, then it can be placed on the thigh, forearm, back, or sides. The calf area on the leg is great for drawing the image of the planet. The choice of the location of the tattoo depends on several parameters, including the shape, size, detailing features, and the way the drawing is implemented.

 space tattoo design

Space tattoo design @art.cork via Instagram

More Details About Space Tattoo Designs

  • Space Tattoo Design With The Sun- it always means power, strength, light, enlightenment. The sun is considered a masculine symbol. It carries the strongest energy of both creation and destruction, and the balance of forces is always important;
 space tattoo design

Space tattoo design of@ seafarer via Instagram


  • Space Tattoo Design With The Moon- Itis a female symbol. She is mysterious and duality, like any representative of the beautiful half of humanity;
 space tattoo design

Space tattoo design @tattooist_sigak via Instagram

  • Space Tattoo Design With The Sun And The Moon- on the image they can be side by side, merge to form a certain symbol, or be located on different hands. In any case, the meaning is the unity of two opposites, day and night, light and shadow, warmth and cold, good and evil, male and female energy. A peculiar interpretation of the eastern Yin-Yang symbol;
 space tattoo design

Space tattoo design of@dreadlock.tattoo.byme via Instagram

  • Space Tattoo Design With The Star- another bright symbol of space tattoos. The general plan of the starry sky can speak of the strength and power of its owner, his lofty goals, and striving for the stars. The choice of a particular constellation can mean the sign of the zodiac under which a person was born, in this case, the tattoo emphasizes the character traits inherent in this sign.
 space tattoo design

Space tattoo design of @marianaga92 via Instagram

Example For Space Tattoo Designs

  1. Space Tattoo Designs On The Back

It allows you to bring to life any plot. It can be the solar system, colorful galaxies, or a fantastic alien battle. There is enough space for any painting. But you have to be patient. It will take several sessions to create such a masterpiece.

 space tattoo design

Space tattoo design of @maddie_doodles via Instagram

  1. Space Tattoo Designs On The Hand

 You can make a small space tattoo design on your wrist. It will not attract attention, but it will retain its meaning and influence on a person. And lovers of large-scale paintings can choose a sleeve tattoo space . Planets, stellar expanses and constellations will look great here.


space tattoo design

Space tattoo design of @svorenikova via Instagram

  1. Space Tattoo Designs On The Shoulder

Here you can play with the philosophical theme that the whole Universe is hidden inside each person. The idea of a space tattoo design is that through a cut on the skin one can see the cosmic spaces. It looks not trivial and has a deep meaning.

 space tattoo design

Space tattoo design of @tattooist_sigak via Instagram

  1. Space Tattoo Designs On The Leg

It looks most impressive when the entire leg is covered with drawings of space themes. Although it is more common to see medium-sized space tattoo designs on the thighs or calves.

 space tattoo design

Space tattoo design of @alienwata via Instagram

Do not forget - the correct choice of the master is the key to success. Poor quality work will require tattoo restoration. This is a painstaking and lengthy process. In some cases, you cannot do without prior tattoo removal. Hope you got your own space tattoo design in this article.

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