12 Awesome Fox Tattoo Ideas For You

The Intro Of Fox Tattoo Ideas

To achieve the required level of exoticism, men and girls of all backgrounds choose fox tattoos. They always represent the right mix of friendly and flamboyant.

Are you ready to get a tattoo that reveals your quick mind and potential talents? If so, then drawing a fox can bring you tangible benefits. Fox tattoo ideas are well received in all kinds of social circles.

In pop culture, they are tied to polite older men, so reputable gentlemen can cement their silver fox status with the right choice of body art.

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Different Meaning Of Fox Tattoo

1. European

The fox in Western symbolism is associated with people who very easily adapt to the environment, as it survives in countless different climatic conditions (in the Arctic, desert, forests ...).

In the same way, these precious animals are associated with the wild call of nature (like wolves) and possess great cunning, since in their time they were a welcome item for hunters and a thunderstorm of chickens, which they hunted furtively at night.

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  1. Asian

Kitsune (a word that means "fox" in Japanese) are animals with extraordinary magical abilities, designed to protect Japanese forests. They are known for their cunning, wisdom, and strength, the more strength they have, the more tails they have. Thus, tails are one of the dominant elements to consider in Japanese fox tattoos.

They are also known for their ability to change shape. They especially like the portrayal of young women making fun of mortals.

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Division into styles and standard color schemes

As you may have noticed, the Fox tattoo comes in many different forms and a huge number of examples for inspiration. Tell us, do you have tattoos like these? Do you like foxes or do you prefer wolves more?

So, if you want to know more about fox tattoos, in this article we have prepared the differences between them expressed in certain popular fox tattoo styles today:

1. Fox in the style of Abstraction

Abstraction, as a fox tattoo style or a special method of expressing one's vision of the image of a fox through the prism of associations, is not something surprising in the world of body art. The style allows you to express the character, the inner world of the person who decided to apply it in a non-standard and more accurate way. In a tattoo, the classic red color is not required, but the silhouette of a cheat should be easily visible in it, and the image does not have to be realistic.

 fox tattoo

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  1. Fox in watercolor style

Delicate images of a fox tattoo are the main calling card of the Watercolor style tattoo. Orange and red color spots dominate the rest. Most works lack strict bounding contour lines. The images of the fox are good-natured, not aggressive. Fox Tattoo in Watercolor style is more suitable for girls, smart, courageous, daring, with boundless positive views.

 fox tattoo

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3.Fox in Geometry style

In most fox tattoo designs, the Geometry style is intertwined with the Watercolor style. Various geometric shapes from contour black lines look attractive and contrast against a bright red background.

Figures can also act as space delimiters that form the outline of a tattoo, participate in modeling a fox or additional elements of a composition.

 fox tattoo

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4.Fox in Graphics style

The graphics offer an extensive selection of fox tattoos in black and gray. Of course, there are colored analogs, but the vast majority of tattoos still belong to the classics. Even despite the absence of the fiery red color characteristic of the fox, the Graphics style conquers with meticulous detailing of the appearance of the cunning predator. A narrow muzzle is capable of carrying emotions and this is its unique uniqueness and difference from other styles.

 fox tattoo

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5. Fox in the style of Minimalism

The essence of displaying a fox in a minimalist fox tattoo style is reduced to drawing an image consisting of several lines. It is like Linework, only a very truncated version, because of this, the tattoo is less noticeable and takes up very little space in the area. It is also worth noting that they are inexpensive and serve more as a symbol than a work of art. And this kind of fox tattoos is warmly welcomed by women. Minimal as they are, you can see them poked on the wrist or hand or even back of the ear.

 fox tattoo

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6. Fox in Neoradishnl style

First of all, this colorful and spectacular style is the most popular for a Fox tattoo, it accounts for about 60% of all tattoos with a crafty predator. Secondly, the design has no gender differences and is equally suitable for both Asian variants and European counterparts. An amazing sense of color and its gradient can fully reveal the idea of the drawing.

 fox tattoo

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7.Fox in the style of Realism

We have selected color options, but take our word for it - the black and white analogs of the Fox tattoo in the Realism style are no less delightful. The cheat in most works is depicted in close-up with special attention to such an important detail as the eyes. They are trying to make them alive by simulating the effect of moisture, transparency and glare of reflection on them. This is followed by the drawing of fur and the presence of a shadow that creates the overall volume of the image.

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8.Compositions with other elements

We must not forget that the fox by its natural nature is a predator, therefore, in order to remove the negative message, malice and aggression, it is combined with all kinds of objects that are directly related to nature, such as acorns, leaves, berries, tree branches. These wonderful decoration elements can be used both on the top of the fox tattoo and on the bottom at the same time.


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