12 Awesome Star Tattoo Designs for Women And Men

Why Star Tattoo Designs so popular?

Tattoos are a modern way to beautify the body and express your individuality. People are increasingly getting tattoos in various styles and colors. Some people prefer neutral and monochromatic drawings, while others want to make a very large-scale and bright sketch. When choosing a drawing for a tattoo, some stop at animalistic images, while others apply botanical motives, but most people prefer different symbols. Star Tattoo Designs that look quite attractive, unusual,and dignified have become a very popular and practical solution for tattoos.

Star Tattoo Designs Meaning

  1. Star Tattoo Designs- Five-pointed asterisk

Five-pointed asterisk. It is also called the pentagram. Such a star tattoo design symbolizes inner harmony, goodness ,and a penchant for the magical abilities of a person. This is a kind of personification of the five elements and feelings of the owner. Most often, such an asterisk is used as a protective amulet that attracts spiritual and material well-being.

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  1. Star Tattoo Designs- Six-pointed Star

Its other name is the Star of David. This image of star tattoo design consists of two triangles that overlap. Such a sketch is a symbol of power and patronage over people.

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  1. Star Tattoo Designs- The Seven-pointed Star

The star tattoo designs with a seven-pointed star is a mysterious symbol that contributes to the improvement of a person, attracts good luck and happiness. This sketch is the best option for dreamers who believe in miracles and magic.

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  1. Star Tattoo Designs- The Eight-pointed Star

Eight-pointed star tattoo designs. The drawing consists of two squares. Such a symbol attracts wealth and gives a person incredible energy.

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Star Tattoo Design For Girls

In general, a star tattoo is universal for both girls and guys. But most often star tattoo design is preferred by fair sex since for them it has a special meaning. Asterisks on the girl's body indicate her moral balance, spiritual beauty and peacefulness. Girls very often make a drawing of many shooting stars. Such a star tattoo design will tell about the number of secret desires of a dreamy and modest lady. If one six-pointed star is executed, then this symbolizes the unification of six facts - peace, love, truth, beauty, harmony , and trust. For the weaker sex, the star means luck and success, as well as help in achieving their goals and objectives.

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Star Tattoo Design For Men

Men apply such images very rarely. The star tattoo design on the shoulder symbolizes wisdom, truth, unity and love. Guys very often combine stars with other elements, which together makes a lot of sense. The location of the star on the male body also plays an important role. If it is turned upwards, it is a symbol of materialism, downwards - spiritual development. Most often, men perform small asterisks, which mean power and influence.

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Star Tattoo Design On Hand

Many people prefer to apply a star tattoo design on the arm. Such an image serves as a decoration, an unusual accessory and even an addition to an individual image. Small-scale stars are often applied to the hand. Girls prefer stargazing. Some believe that the star on the hand speaks of gay sex. But, despite this, each star tattoo design carries the meaning that the owner puts in.

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Star Tattoo Design On Wrist

The star tattoo design on the wrist is an exclusively female tattoo. Most often this is a small image. It can be combined with floral motives or with the name of a dear and close person. Such a tattoo can symbolize exactly that lucky star that will always accompany the owner.

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Star Tattoo Design On Leg

It is very popular to apply star tattoo design on the leg. Girls prefer stars on the foot or hip. It is typical for guys to have stars on their calves. Such tattoos are done for good luck. It can be either one star or a whole placer. Many people get a star tattoo as a personal magical amulet.

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Star Tattoo Design- Star tattoo color scheme

When choosing a star tattoo design, it is very important to think not only about the drawing itself and its place of application but also about the color. Star images are most often done in classic black. Yellow sketches are not uncommon. The star can be made in absolutely any shade, depending on the wishes of the person. Stars with transparent gray hair look very unusual and original. Or black, with a fairly wide border and a red center in watercolor technique.

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Star Tattoo Design- Multi Combination

when choosing a star tattoo design, you are interested in the image of a star, then there is a large abundance of sketches. A tattoo can differ not only in additional elements, appearance features, but also in the number of rays. The most popular star tattoo designs are: A shooting star that leaves a trail behind it is a symbol of the fulfillment of cherished desires, good luck and significant changes in life. A nautical compass made in the form of a fourfold star. Such a drawing is performed as a talisman, which is often used by men. A star with a crescent is a belief in the fulfillment of desires. Most often, this pattern is chosen by Muslims. Star of life. Such a star tattoo design is applied to the body by those people who were able to overcome a serious illness.

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