Best Animal Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

Animal tattoos are one of the designs with the most possibilities in the tattoo world. Humans have classified about 2 million species of animals, although some estimates estimate that there may be about 10 million species on the planet. With such a variety of mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, plants, insects and fungi, everyone has it easy when it comes to choosing the species they like the most for a tattoo. Generally, men tend to choose animals that symbolize masculine aspects such as power and strength while women choose species that represent the concepts of beauty, femininity and joy.

Types of Animal Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1. Tiger Tattoo Animal Design Idea for Men and Women

geometric lion tattoo

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 tiger tattoo

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 tiger arm tattoo

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 lion arm sleeve tattoo

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-The Tigers are a symbol of strength, power and energy. They can also represent passion, ferocity, sensuality, beauty, speed, and anger.

-The Panthers are known to symbolize strength, companionship, adventure, loyalty, triumph, and a mind or spirit personality.

-The lions are commonly associated with the value, power, royalty, dignity, authority, justice, wisdom and ferocity.

2. Fish Tattoo Animal Design Idea for Men and Women

 dolphin ankle tattoo

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 koi fish arm tattoo

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-In Japan, koi fish are a symbol of luck and good fortune. They are associated with perseverance in the face of adversity and strength of purpose. In Buddhism, the koi fish is a symbol of courage and perseverance.

-The dolphins are a popular tattoo among women, the central message behind its symbolism is beauty and grace. Other traits associated with the dolphin include playfulness, harmony, intelligence, friendship, community, and generosity.

-Sharks are famous for having a calculating, perceptive and instinctive personality. Other symbols associated with the shark include concentration, power, and efficiency.

3. Bird Tattoo Animal Design Idea for Men and Women

 bird animal tattoo

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 bird parrot shoulder tattoo

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 dove arm tattoo

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 bird shoulder tattoo

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-When we talk about animal tattoos, doves are the quintessential symbol of peace. These birds also carry a message of hope, love, freedom and sometimes symbolize the promise of a better life.

-The eagle is frequently used in animal tattoos to represent the concept of patriotism. The eagle is also synonymous with spiritual protection, opportunity, freedom, ability, authority, vision, power, and leadership.

-Hummingbirds are popular tattoos among the female public, flowers are often included in the design. The hummingbird represents joy, energy, vitality, healing, agility, loyalty, and affection.

4. Snake Tattoo Animal Design Idea for Men and Women

 red snake leg tattoo

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 blue snake forearm tattoo

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-Snake tattoos come in many shapes and sizes and carry their own unique meaning. The symbol of a snake represents duality and the search for balance. Other meanings generally include rebirth, patience, awareness, transformation, intellect, protection, and healing.

5. Frog and Turtle Tattoo Animal Design Idea for Men and Women

 frog arm tattoo

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 colorful frog tattoo

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 turtle tortoise arm tattoo

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-Frogs symbolize fertility, luck, purity, rebirth, renewal, healing, metamorphosis, and opportunity.

-The turtles are associated with longevity and protection and safety, because the way to protect retreating inside their shells. Patience and stability are also associated with the turtle.

6. Butterfly and Dragonfly Tattoo Animal Design Idea for Men and Women

 butterfly forearm tattoo

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 butterfly tattoo design

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 butterflt dragonfly tattoo

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-The butterflies are a popular tattoo representing feminism, beauty and transformation, all for obvious reasons. Some people believe that the butterfly is a sign of reincarnation. Fragility and grace are two of its most notable characteristics, but the most powerful meaning of a butterfly tattoo is resurrection, transition, and change.

-The Dragonflies are often associated with dreams, in addition to carrying a message of prosperity, good luck, purity and harmony.

7. Scorpion Tattoo Animal Design Idea for Men and Women

scorpion forearm tattoo

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 scorpion spider forearm tattoo

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-The Scorpions are also very popular animal tattoos, especially among men. The symbolism of a scorpion can include death, transition, sex, control, loneliness, passion, protection, and defensiveness.

8. Spider Tattoo Animal Design Idea for Men and Women

 spider foot tattoo

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-Spiders are a popular Gothic tattoo, which carries a message of fulfillment of destiny, death, rebirth and is usually associated with people who have a cunning or resourceful personality.

9. Fox Tattoo Animal Design Idea for Men and Women

fox thigh tattoo

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fox thigh tattoo

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-Foxes were honored in the Celtic tradition for their wisdom. In Native American culture, the fox was recognized by northern tribes as an intelligent and noble messenger, while southern tribes viewed the fox as a tricky animal. They can symbolize intelligence, cunning and speed.