12 Best Banana Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

Introduction of Banana Tattoos for Men and Women

It might sound crazy, but banana tattoos, as well as fruit tattoos in general, are far more common than it might seem. This is due to the fact that many people consider that by drawing fruits like bananas on their skin, they represent a gift that nature has given them.

Fruits are also considered to be the most natural and healthy thing for our body. This is why getting a banana tattoo is much more than wearing a fruit on your skin: it is an inspiration that comes from nature, from life.

 banana tentacle tattoo

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Most Obvious Symbolism of Banana Tattoos

In the majority of cases, bananas generally represent the fact of not being fooled by appearances. This is the reason why, if you see someone wearing a banana tattoo, it is quite logical to imagine that that person thinks that the others are not on the inside as they appear to be on the outside.

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Meanings of Banana Tattoos-1

Since these are fruits and these are one of the best representations of nature that exist, it gives banana tattoos another perspective. These fill the people who wear them with self-esteem and allow them to show off their natural beauty to the world.

All bananas reach a point of ripening where they become very sweet, or even tasteless. This gives us another way to see what these fruits represent. They can indicate that you are a very loving and caring person.

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Geometric Arrow Set

Geometric Linear Shape

Flower Compass

Meanings of Banana Tattoos-2

On the other hand, bananas can also represent the hard work that someone does to achieve their goals. This is because the fruits go through a cycle of growth and ripening before they are fit for consumption. That's why, if you've been having great success recently and wondering how to portray it, getting a banana tattoo might be a great idea.

 banana tattoo

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Banana Tattoos: Morphological Characteristics

The plants are clustered, with stolons, the short type is less than 3.5 meters in height, generally less than 2 meters in height, and the tall type is 4 to 5 meters in height. The pseudostems are all dark green with black spots and are white powdered, especially the upper part.

 black line banana peeling tattoo

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Sketch Dreamcatcher

Caduceus Snakes and Winged Sword

The leaf is oblong, 2~2.2 meters long, 60~70cm wide, apex is obtuse, base is nearly round, symmetrical on both sides, leaf surface is dark green, without white powder, leaf back is light green, with white powder; petiole is short and thick, It is usually less than 30 cm in length, with prominent wings, open, and maroon or bright red edges. The spikes are drooping, the rachis of the inflorescence are densely covered with brown hairs, the outer bracts are purple-red, white powdered, and the inner surface is dark red, but the base is slightly light and shiny. The male flower bracts do not fall off, and there are 2 rows of flowers in each bract. The flowers are milky white or slightly light purple, and the free tepals are nearly round, and the entire edge has a sharp cone-shaped tip. The middle two lateral lobes of the connate tepals are long, about 1/2 of the central lobes.

 black line banana tattoo

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Banana Tattoos: Cluster Characteristics

The largest fruit cluster has as many as 360 fruits and weighs up to 32kg. The general fruit cluster has 8 to 10 fruit segments and about 150 to 200 fruits. The fruit body is curved, slightly arched, young fruit upwards, erect, and gradually flatten after maturity, length 12-30cm, diameter 3.4-3.8cm, fruit edge is obvious, with 4 to 5 edges, apex tapering, non-significant Shrinking, short stalk, green-green peel, ripening at high temperature, the peel is green and yellowish, at low temperature, the peel turns from green to yellow, and the raw tingling black spots (ie "plum blossom spots"), the flesh Soft, yellow-white, sweet, seedless, and strong fragrance.

 cat and banana tattoo

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The pseudostem is about 50cm high. The base is strong, the flesh is red, the upper part is small, and the grayish-green purple-red, the black spots are large and conspicuous, the leaves are long and narrow and the back is covered. Thick layer of white powder.

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Where do These Banana Tattoos Look Best?

All these symbolisms are quite intimate; that's why the best option is to place these banana tattoos in personal places for you. No need to carry an entire bunch of bananas on your back for you to remember why you decided to get this banana tattoo design sticked!

One of the best places can be the wrist: this delicate little place is ideal for this type of tattoo. The ankles and back of the neck can also be a great place to place a banana tattoo.

 simple line banana tattoo

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Another Banana Tattoo: Tattoos on Bananas

Banana is one of the fruits that people love. Europeans call it "happy fruit" because it can relieve depression. But when such delicious fruits and tattoos are fused together, what magical effect will it produce?

American artist Hansen took a unique approach, using the oxidative enzymes in banana peels to produce black complex products once exposed to the air. The banana has been transformed into an artistic transformation, with different pictures tattooed on it. The finished effect is also very amazing.

It's just a pity that such a good work can only be kept for a few days.

 banana tattoo

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Principle of This Kind of Banana Tattoos

Under normal circumstances, after a banana is stored for 3-5 days, some black spots will grow on the banana peel. This is common sense. Of course, banana tattoos are a technical activity. Not only is it better to "stretch", to get a perfect tattoo pattern, but also to control the temperature. Because lower the temperature is, the faster the oxidation rate of the banana peel.

 tattoos on bananas

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Process of Making This Kind of Banana Tattoos

First of all, if you are not a person who is good at drawing, it is recommended that you print the things you want to draw on paper. Stick them on the surface of the banana, and then take a needle and stick it along the line! After the outline is drawn, tear off the template, use a needle to continue to connect the dots into a line, and use the horizontal stroke to add some detailed lines and details to your masterpiece.

tattoo on the banana

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