Beautiful And Meaningful Cherry Tattoo Design

The blooming cherry orchard looks amazing and beautiful. But do not confuse the cherry tattoo design and cherry tree tattoo as they have different meanings. If the cherry branch symbolizes high feelings and spirituality, then the image of the fruit has an erotic connotation. Cherries have simple shapes, so the meaning of the cherry tattoo design depends more on the color of the berries, as well as on some features of the design.

 cherry tattoo design

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  • 1 Cherry: general value
  • 2 The meaning of tattoo for men
  • 3 The value of tattoo for girls

Cherry tattoo design- common meaning

The cherry tree fruit has a bright and characteristic flavor. Berries are used in cooking to make sweets. Cherry is also actively used in the wine business. Cocktails, liqueurs, wines, and other drinks are made from its fruits. Juicy berries look tempting and unusual on the body.

First of all, the cherry personifies the feminine principle and fertility. The bright red berries are reminiscent of a woman's lips, and the juiced fruit symbolizes femininity and maturity. If cherry is depicted hanging on a branch, the cherry tattoo design communicates the infantilism, purity of thoughts, and naivety of its owner. Berries plucked from a branch can signal a loss of innocence and maturation.

A cherry tattoo design demonstrates the intensity of passions and indicates a great desire. In this case, it doesn't matter what the owner of the tattoo wants. With the help of such a body pattern, he communicates his maturity and desire to feel the taste of life, experience it in all its manifestations, and feel the pleasure of being on earth.

 cherry tattoo design

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Often, such a cherry tattoo design indicates great sexuality and passion. People can fill in underwear to attract the opposite sex into their lives. True, such a cherry tattoo design does not imply devotion in a relationship. Rather, the owner wants to enjoy the relationship in full and wants to feel love on a physical level.

The meaning of the tattoo directly depends on the color of the berry. If the fruits are pink in color and look immature, this tattoo symbolizes youth, romanticism and daydreaming. Such an image testifies to spiritual purity and sincerity.

This underwear pattern is suitable for people who remain a little children all their lives. Often, the owners of this tattoo are infantile people and need the support of others. It is difficult for them to arrange their lives on their own and make decisions without the help of loved ones.

 cherry tattoo design

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Large scarlet berries symbolize wealth, abundance and prosperity. A cherry tattoo design with such a pattern is able to attract luxury and material success into the life of its owner. Red sets cash flows in motion and awakens the energy of wealth. Therefore, such a drawing can become a talisman for achieving success in career and business.

Ripe berry of maroon color symbolizes wisdom and richness with life. Such a tattoo is stuffed by self-sufficient people who have experienced all the pleasures in life. A cherry tattoo design indicates that the owner of the tattoo is a spiritually mature person and no longer seeks worldly pleasures. Moreover, such people have a big heart, kindness and understanding of the nature of things.

Sometimes cherries are depicted in a color that is not inherent in this berry. There are blue, purple and yellow fruits. Drawings like these symbolize creativity and creativity. The tattoo is suitable for extraordinary personalities with innovative thinking. Such people want to know life in different colors, and they perceive being on Earth as a game.

 cherry tattoo design

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The meaning of a tattoo largely depends on the details of the image. If juicy poured fruits symbolize the passionate nature of the owner, then small berries tied with a ribbon convey purity and innocence. A handful of cherry berries without a branch personifies a huge inner potential and endless vitality. And a twig tied to a balloon symbolizes lightness and dreaminess.

Cherry tattoo design means:

  • passion;
  • enjoyment;
  • hot temperament;
  • lovingness
  • romance 

    The cherry tattoo design’s meaning for men

You can rarely find such a tattoo on the body of a young man. Cherry tattoos can be tattooed by young men in order to express their playful attitude towards life. For a young man, such a body pattern is very bright and extravagant. Also, a tattoo will not go unnoticed by others and will raise many questions. Therefore, men can fill such a tattoo in order to arouse interest in their person and stand out.

A tattoo with ripe fruits for a man means great love for the opposite sex. With the help of tattoos, they show their passion and ardor for women. Such young people love diversity and do not tend to have long-term relationships.

 cherry tattoo design

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The cherry tattoo design’s meaning for girls

A cherry tattoo design on a girl's body looks very harmonious and attractive. Such a simple drawing can emphasize the femininity and softness of the fair sex. Girls should be careful when choosing an image. The bright red berries depicted on the neck are in some countries a sign of ease with men.

Women choose pink cherry wearables to express their childishness and need for protection. Such girls are strongly attached to their soulmates and are able to devote themselves to loved ones without reserve. The rich fruit depicted on an arm or shoulder symbolizes spiritual maturity and wisdom.

 cherry tattoo design

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