Best 6 Infinity Symbol Tattoo Designs In 2020


  • 1 Infinity Symbol Tattoo Designs Combination with images of birds
  • 2 Black Infinity Symbol TattooDesigns
  • 3 Simple Infinity Symbol TattooDesigns
  • 4 Infinity Symbol Tattoo Designs Combination with flowers
  • 5 Group InfinityTattoo Designs
  • 6 Infinity Symbol Tattoo Design with inscriptions

Infinity Symbol Tattoo Designs Combination with images of birds

The relationship between man and animals is long and complex, dating back to the days when people wandered through the forests, hunted, and collected roots. Some people use tattoos to commemorate the relationships they have formed with dogs and cats that have made their lives a little more enjoyable.

Others draw inspiration for their infinity symbol tattoo designs from wild animals in their natural habitat: few images look more intimidating than a ferocious tiger baring its teeth or a lone wolf howling at the moon in the distance.

 infinity symbol tattoo design

Infinity symbol tattoo design of@clarissatattoo via Instagram

Black Infinity Symbol Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are a powerful tool of self-expression, and as such are bound to match the personality and feelings of their wearer. While there is no question about the impact of contrasting colors in designs, for some people, they just don't fit their style.

The oldest tattoos used a monochromatic approach, using black ink to create striking designs, and when looking at these tattoos it is easy to see why so many people still choose black-based tattoos.

The understated appeal of these harsh images uses intense black ink and negative space to contrast with the wearer's skin tone and the tattoo itself.

This simplified color scheme is perfect for an Infinity symbol tattoo design. They don't add unnecessary nuance and allow powerful symbols to speak for themselves.

 infinity symbol tattoo design

Infinity symbol tattoo design of@gravecraft via Instagram

 Simple Infinity Symbol Tattoo Design

Just as some people choose bright colors for their tattoos and others prefer the effect created with bold, black ink work, some people try to take a more delicate approach. Infinity symbol tattoo designs are an excellent choice for fine line art because of their powerful meaning and instantly recognizable shape.

They're especially popular with women - subtle tattoos are perfect for those who want designs to speak for themselves, preferring flowing lines over bold colors or large, bold designs.

These works are a great example of how well you can apply the symbols of infinity using thin lines.

 infinity symbol tattoo design

Infinity symbol tattoo design of@tattoo.umg via Instagram

Infinity Symbol Tattoo Designs Combination with flowers

Flowers are powerful elements that have been embedded in artistic traditions around the world for centuries. It is enough to look at the role of flowers in weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies in different cultures around the world to see how deeply people are fascinated by flowers. The power of the scent to evoke emotional responses and evoke memories enhances the role of flowers in human life.

When flowers are included in an Infinity symbol tattoo design composition, they add interesting symbolism to this equation. Flowers are often used as a representation of the transient nature of life due to the way they quickly open, bloom, and wither.

Combined with the infinity symbol, a flower tattoo can represent the endless cycle of birth, life, and death, and also represent the endless beauty of nature.

 infinity symbol tattoo design

Infinity symbol tattoo design of@tattoostudiorays via Instagram

Group Infinity Symbol Tattoo Design

While there is no denying that tattoos are often a deeply personal expression of temperament and style, many people choose to celebrate relationships and friendships with similarly designed group tattoos. Any different designs can be used to celebrate personal ties, but infinity symbols are ideal for these purposes.

When a group of people decides to apply the infinity symbol tattoo design to their bodies, they recognize the deep connection they share and demonstrate the eternal nature of their relationship through permanent images. These tattoos are applied in a wide variety of techniques and styles that can be used to match the Infinity tattoo.

 infinity symbol tattoo design

Infinity symbol tattoo design of@pixeltattoos via Instagram

Infinity Symbol Tattoo Design with names

There is a long tradition of using words or phrases in tattoos, dating back to some of the original American traditional designs (Old School) that pioneered the Western school of tattooing. From an elaborate Chicano typeface to a bold Old English Gothic typeface, there is a font and style for every design and occasion.

The font is also an original way to break the boring symbolism and abstract concepts that accurately demonstrate what the user meant by the tattoo: the meaning of the tattoo with the lover's name is not ambiguous.


Since the nature of the font is simple, it is a great addition to infinity symbol tattoo designs. Adding one of these characters to a font string takes the meaning of the words and expands them to infinity.

Many people choose to include symbols in motivational quotes or spouse names to demonstrate the enduring importance of words and what they represent.


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