Best Pumpkin Tattoo Design In 2020

What Is Pumpkin Tattoo Design?

Pumpkin is a common, well-known culture, which with its impressive size of fruits and berries evokes thoughts of abundance and wealth, has always been a positive symbol. Many seeds were associated with fertility, filling the pulp of ripe pumpkins, and the bright color of the peel reminded of sunny days and summer warmth.

A pumpkin tattoo design is a sign of an autumn harvest season that promises a well-fed and calm future, a symbol of energy and good luck.

 pumpkin tattoo design

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The Common Meaning Of Pumpkin Tattoo

The pumpkin, resembling a vase or vessel in shape precisely because of the ability to empty it and re-fill it with something, in many cultures personified wisdom, health and even the universe. A good harvest of pumpkins provided people with satiety and tranquility even in severe frosts, and the medicinal properties of seeds were considered so valuable that healers and sorcerers recommended using them in magical rituals and rituals designed to attract wealth and longevity.

The homeland of the pumpkin is Mexico, where it began to be cultivated 5000 years ago. The Indians used the fruits completely, without a trace - a variety of dishes were prepared from the pulp, and the seeds were used for the prevention of diseases and made from them an extremely useful oil. The pulp was scraped out of small pumpkins with a hard peel and, after thorough drying, strong and light vessels were obtained. The South American Indians considered pumpkins to be similar to a woman's breast and therefore called the plant the Mother Goddess, a great creator with natural power and solar energy.

pumpkin tattoo design 

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Pumpkin was called "the queen of vegetables" in China - for the huge size of the fruit and the variety of dishes that can be prepared. The Chinese made vessels from a special kind of "bottle gourd", the shape of which (a small top and a voluminous bottom) symbolized harmony, the combination of the energies of Yin and Yang.

In Ukraine, pumpkins were used to brave unwanted suitors - they were handed the fruit during matchmaking as a sign of dislike and lack of respect. This ritual is based on the routine and simplicity of the well-known fruit, which is so common that it is not a pity to give it to someone. The guy who received the pumpkin as a gift should have realized that in this house he was not at all welcome.

In Christian mythology, the pumpkin is a symbol of rebirth, resurrection, because according to legend, it was this plant that gave Jonah a shadow, saving him from the deadly heat. The pumpkin image was used as the opposite of the sinful apple - the fruit of purity and innocence. The pilgrims carried water with them in pumpkin vessels - this emphasized the honesty and sincerity of a person's intentions.

All these above are the meaning of pumpkin tattoo design.

 pumpkin tattoo design

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The Meaning Of Tattoo For Girls

The pumpkin, surrounded by curly stems and bright green leaves, in the tattoo denotes the power of feminine energy, attractiveness, and harmony of character. The image of a solar rounded fruit on the body is a sign of wisdom and fullness with love and tranquility. A girl with such a pumpkin tattoo design believes that nature itself will help her realize her plans, fulfill her dreams.

The orange shining fruit used in the plot of colored vegetable tattoos is a symbol of love for warm autumn, a fruitful season. Such drawings on the body indicate that the owner is a good housewife, a creative person. The rounded shapes of the pumpkin tattoo design are a sign of kindness and self-confidence, and the bright shade of the fruit speaks of a positive disposition, love for the sun, and beauty.

 pumpkin tattoo design

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The Meaning Of Pumpkin Tattoo Design For Men

On the male body, a pumpkin tattoo design is a sign of longevity and a fulfilled, abundant life. The laconic silhouette of the fetus is often chosen for a tattoo as a talisman - such a pattern on the body will help to gain an understanding of life and wisdom. In addition to valuable personal qualities, the image of a pumpkin attracts success in business and business, attracts energetic and honest partners.

The image of a double pumpkin used to create a tattoo is a difficult sign that denotes a secret that oppresses a person. The haze enveloping the pumpkin fruit is an image of the spirit, consciousness, separating from the body. Such stories attract fans of Chinese philosophy, fans of Taoist culture, and lovers of mysticism.

Funny pumpkin images on tattoos are a symbol of simplicity and lightness of character. Carriers of tattoos with funny pumpkins in a cartoon style do not like deep reflections and long thoughts, they act quickly and do not worry about the possible consequences of stupid actions.

 pumpkin tattoo design

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Pumpkin Tattoo Design And Halloween

The pumpkin has become the main symbol of the ancient holiday, in which the traditions of the Celts and Christians are closely intertwined - people worship evil spirits and honor saints. In the modern world, little is left of real rituals, but dressing up in masquerade dresses and carving lanterns from pumpkins are invariably the most exciting activities.

Not just lamps are made of bright strong fruits, they are called "pumpkin heads", which symbolize the end of the harvest season, the light of hope. The tradition itself originated from the legend of a man named Jack who twice deceived the devil and escaped death. As a reward for Jack's soul, evil spirits promised not to take him to hell, but the road to heaven was also closed. Since then, Jack has wandered around the world, awaiting the Last Judgment and illuminating the road with a pumpkin lantern.

The pumpkin tattoo design denotes a love for mysterious and mystical stories. Bearers of such wearable designs are trying to understand the meaning of the ancient holiday, to solve the riddles of the other world. Many people love the scary brightly colored Newschool tattoos with evil pumpkin heads. Bright shades of original compositions in a pumpkin tattoo design evoke a lot of emotions and attract attention, especially if they are located on open areas of the body - hands, neck.

 pumpkin tattoo design

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