Best 11 Sky Tattoo Design Ideas In 2020

In this article you will know why so many people love to get a sky tattoo.Lets check this out!

The Introduction Of Sky Tattoo Design Ideas

The sky is blue because the sunlight is composed of seven kinds of light. Among the seven kinds of light, the higher frequencies are green, cyan, blue, and purple. The higher light frequencies are most easily scattered by air molecules and dust in the air, so when sunlight passes through the atmosphere, there are four kinds of green, cyan, blue, and purple. Most of the light is scattered. The proportion of purple in the solar spectrum itself is relatively small.

The main atmospheric composition is nitrogen, accounting for 78.1%; oxygen accounting for 20.9%; argon accounting for 0.93%; and a small amount of carbon dioxide, rare gases and water vapor. The air density of the atmosphere decreases with altitude, the higher the air, the thinner the air. The entire atmosphere has different characteristics and different heights. It is divided into troposphere, stratosphere, middle layer, warm layer and dissipative layer, with interstellar space above.

So, as an artist, It allows you to let go of the reins of your imagination the most and light this sky tattoo design which represents our most brilliant ideas.

 sky tattoo design

Sky tattoo design of@eunyutattoo via Instagram

The Features Of The Sky Tattoo Design Ideas

Since ancient times, the sky has been given supernatural properties. After death, the soul of a person goes to heaven. The sky was associated with the other world, paradise. The meaning of the sky tattoo designs: eternity, infinity, purity, striving upward, higher power.

From the history.

In the culture of Ancient Egypt, the symbol of the sky was feminine and symbolized the mother of all living things. In other cultures, the sky is a purely masculine symbol, which also meant something primordia l and divine. In China, the sky tattoo designs symbolized the supreme power bestowed by the deities.

 sky tattoo design

Sky tattoo design of@breckmarquette via Instagram

For sailors, the symbol of the sky, cut by lightning, was considered a powerful talisman against the raging elements on long journeys. The rainy sky was supposed to contribute to a good harvest and fertility of the earth. Often this tattoo was used as a health charm. For girls, it symbolized purity and purity.

 sky tattoo design

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The Meaning Of The Sky Tattoo Designs

The sky is inherently inaccessible to humans. In sky tattoo designs, this symbol personifies something sublime. The high bright sky speaks of harmony in the soul and with the inner world, the desire for spiritual growth, and enlightenment. If we consider the religious meaning of the symbol of heaven, then this is the place where angels live and where sinless souls go. Therefore, heaven is also a symbol of purity and spiritual purity.

 sky tattoo design

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The Starry Sky Tattoo Designs

The sky tattoo designs with the stars symbolize good luck. The more stars in the sky, the more successful the owner of this tattoo will be in business. The starry sky is also associated with romance, mystery, serenity.

 sky tattoo design

Sky tattoo design of@_chrisenberg.tattoo_via Instagram

The Sky Tattoo Designs With The Moon

The sky tattoo design symbolizes mystery, sensuality, mysticism. The moon in the sky is chosen by people with a fine mental organization, who love solitude and a smooth flow of life. Also, the sky illuminated by moonlight will indicate creative people.

 sky tattoo design

Sky tattoo design of@ally__alien_via Instagram

The Sky Tattoo Designs With The Cloud

The sky tattoo design with clouds has several meanings depending on the style of the picture. The clouds do not standstill. They are in dynamics. Such a tattoo characterizes its owner as a mobile person who loves travel, not sitting still, in search. A tattoo of the sky hidden behind the clouds means a hidden secret, the search for the unknown, the desire for the sublime. On the contrary, the sky covered with dark clouds means a difficult state of mind, moral depression, hopelessness.

 sky tattoo design

Sky tattoo design of via Instagram

The Sky Tattoo Designs With The Birds

The sky tattoo design with a bird soaring in it symbolizes freedom. Freedom from stereotypes, your own views on the surrounding reality. The owner of such a tattoo is an extraordinary personality, formed, independent of the opinions of others. A bird soaring in the sky also attracts good luck. A flock of birds in the sky represents liberation from petty problems or bad memories.

 sky tattoo design

Sky tattoo design of@tattootinus via Instagram

The Sky Tattoo Designs With The Lighting

Lightning flashing in the sky tattoo design is associated with the danger and impulsiveness of the owner of such a tattoo. The sky tattoo designs  symbolize determination, strength, victory over ignorance, insight. If lightning in the sky sparkles from behind the clouds, then such a combination of symbols in the drawing means the intervention of higher forces, the light of truth.

 sky tattoo design

Sky tattoo design of@mortenlucky7 via Instagram

The Location Of The Sky Tattoo Designs

Depending on the sky tattoo designs, the tattoo can be located on almost any part of the body. Large tattoos, where there are many other elements besides the sky, look beautiful on the back, chest. If the drawing does not imply a large number of symbols, then it can be filled on the shoulder blade, shoulder, forearm, ankle. However, it should be borne in mind that the symbol of the sky on the wrist assigns its owner to the group of people of non-traditional orientation.

 sky tattoo design

Sky tattoo design of@elly_tattooist via Instagram

The meaning of the sky tattoo designs can be different depending on the presence or absence of certain symbols in the picture. But if we take it as a whole, then the sky personifies the state of the human soul, his desire for something lofty and incomprehensible, the flight of thought, freedom.

 sky tattoo design

Sky tattoo design of@broken_halos_ink_studio via Instagram

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