Best Small Tree Tattoo Designs for 2021

The reason why we choose tree tattoo design

There are many reasons to choose a small tree tattoo design, ranging from cultural values to preferred aesthetics. In Christianity, the tree of life is often mentioned, and in ancient Egyptian mythology, it means the beginning and end of life. Buddhists and Celts both viewed trees as superior beings, and in many communities around the world, the largest tree is a gathering and celebration site.

The roots of the tree go deep into life, history and art. A symbol of ancient wisdom, care and branches that firmly bind us all, the tree has long been revered as the most sacred living monument of nature. Unsurprisingly, tattoo artists and enthusiasts have taken notice of this, resulting in some of the most stunning tattoos to date.

 small tree tattoo design

Small tree tattoo design of@danielratattoo via Instagram

Whether you can apply any of the above to your chosen tattoo, or are you just looking for your own unique tree design, the inspiration on which your small tree tattoo design is rooted knows no bounds.

From intricate black and white naturalistic designs to abstract modern designs, a small tree tattoo design should represent your own origins (roots) and values. The composition can be a beating heart nestled in the roots of your small tree tattoo design, or a poetic verse intertwined in swaying branches of a weeping willow; perhaps the presence of music or a flock of flying birds.

 small tree tattoo design

Small tree tattoo design of@bartek.pochowshi via Instagram

Division into styles and standard color schemes

The sublime tree tattoo design’s business card is an amazing shading detail used to accentuate foliage. Artists mix a great mix of gray and soft black with a unique tattooing technique to bring the branches to life.

If the tree in the picture has a dense crown, for realism it is painted over in colors that correspond to the season - summer version in green and autumn in yellow. Winter trees remain, respectively, without foliage, this is a simple trunk originating from the roots and extending into the branches, as a rule, such patterns are left black.

Below we have presented tattoo styles capable of conveying the grandeur of the Tree and making it unique with their special attention to detail, color schemes, and technique.

1.Small Tree Tattoo Design- Tree in watercolor style

The style cannot be confused with other works. It is definitely colored and is great for a small tree tattoo design. Those who are familiar with watercolor painting will agree that the genre can convey the feeling of air and, despite the blurred boundaries, it conquers with its palette and sophistication. The trees are tender, soft, and graceful.

 small tree tattoo design

Small tree tattoo design of@tattooneroinki via Instagram

2. Small Tree Tattoo Design- Blackwork wood

In simple terms, these are the usual silhouettes of trees, which street artists cut out of paper, only transferred to the skin and made in black. The technique of this small tree tattoo design is the simplest - a dense, hopeless shading of the skin that does not go beyond the boundaries of the contour lines. By the way, a good chance to score a small, unnecessary tattoo.

 small tree tattoo design

Small tree tattoo design of@_tattoo.addiction_ via Instagram

3. Small Tree Tattoo Design-Geometry style tree

 If you highlight the common component in the Tree pictures above, then you will notice the use of a delineated circle in the crown of the tree (above) and an inverted triangle in the roots (below) in some works. In others, it is inscribed in a popular geometric shape - a rhombus. These are the nuances of the Geometry style in a small tree tattoo design

 small tree tattoo design

Small tree tattoo design of@akaydovmeci via Instagram

4. Small Tree Tattoo Design-Graphics style tree

Small tree tattoo design in the style of Graphics are drawn with an ordinary simple pencil on paper, only leather is used instead of canvas. They are very effective in black and gray, reinforced in places with white dye. But there are also color options that also reflect the idea of the drawing on the album sheet.

 small tree tattoo design

Small tree tattoo design via Instagram

5. Small Tree Tattoo Design- Linework tree

It is not difficult even for a novice tattoo artist to depict such a tree as a fir tree in the small tree tattoo design with linework style. There are no complex transitions or shading, the whole work consists almost of one simple contour lines, together creating the image of a tree. Only the thickness of the lines can change, which depends on the number of needles in the bundle.

 small tree tattoo design

Small tree tattoo design of@southeastustattoos via Instagram

6. Small Tree Tattoo Design- Tribal tree

The Tribal style depicts wood as interweaving of black lines and the interlacing does not necessarily represent a pattern. Simple, chaotic interweaving of lines is also the basis of this old style. The drawing can be partly Tribal and partly from a different style, but their combination does not harm the idea of a small tree tattoo design in any way.

 small tree tattoo design

Small tree tattoo design of@gatamagattattoo via Instagram

Popular places of application

As we have already said, a small tree tattoo design is able to change its shape and adapt to any area of the skin reserved for a future tattoo. It can be symmetrical or bend to the side under the influence of wind force. Without leaves, branches and roots can entangle parts of the body like a snake.

The shape of the small tree tattoo design can be lengthened by geometric shapes or additional elements of the composition, which has a beneficial effect on the forearm and shoulder area. A tree tattoo in symmetry is applied to the spine of the back, in anti-symmetry - on the scapula. The same principles work in the chest area.

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