Best Strawberry Tattoo Designs In 2020


  • 1 A bit of history
  • 2 Strawberries in Russia
  • 3 The meaning of the Strawberry tattoodesign
  • 4 Steamed strawberries and a symbol of emancipation
  • 5  Strawberry tattoo designs Meaning for men and girls

The intro of strawberry tattoo designs

Strawberry is a garden berry, originating from its wild "relative", from strawberries. Indeed, if we compare externally, then the shape of the leaf and the flowering are similar. It is distinguished only by its large size, rich sweet-sour taste, and bright color.

Over time, this berry began to symbolize many situations from the sensual, emotional sphere of life, but in order to understand where the roots of the symbolic designations of the strawberry tattoo design are, you must first turn to history.

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 A bit of history of strawberry tattoo designs

Strawberries appeared quite a long time ago; Virgil, an ancient poet, mentions it in his writings. Already there, the berries and flowers were associated with the young heroes.

The berry was "domesticated" only in the 15th century, by the Spanish Moors. But, interestingly, in all the old herbalists in France, where it later became most widespread, strawberry is mentioned not as a berry, but as a medicinal plant, that is, its roots, flowering, etc. were used for the most part.

Only during the reign of the French King Henry II did it come into fashion precisely as a delicacy. The idea to grow it for the palace table was submitted by a doctor, and the king agreed. It was then that the well-known delicacy was created - strawberry with cream. Since this berry became associated with the French court, part of the court's courtly reputation was transferred to it. The strawberry got a slightly intimate shade, although it only became truly associated with the intimate sphere in Russia and with the light hand of Gogol.

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Strawberry tattoo design in Russia

In Russia, this culture began to be grown around the 17th century, but it did not carry any special significance. Rather, it was perceived as something related to well-being - the poor could not afford to spend the land, cultivating which they lived, on growing whimsical delicacies, so this plant on the land was a sign of prosperity. And, of course, she was not a berry of serfs, but of higher classes.

The erotic overtones of the image of a juicy and ripe berry appeared with the light hand of Gogol. In his story "The Overcoat", for the first time, he uses the word "strawberry" to refer to the intimate sphere of life, which is picked up by other writers, and then it goes to the people.And these is the strawberry tattoo designs in Russian.

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The meaning of the Strawberry tattoo

In the company of flowers, fruits, butterflies, the strawberry tattoo deisgn symbolizes youth, the eternal “summer of life”. Such a tattoo will suit an energetic person who knows the value of pleasures, a sort of epicurean. Moreover, a person of any age can make such a tattoo, it is the inner feeling of youth, fullness of vitality that is important here.

Strawberries are a greenhouse plant that is quite delicate and demanding, but grows sweet and juicy with proper care. Such a tattoo in the sense of tenderness, "hothouse" is very fond of young girls.

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An important feature of strawberries is its ability to imperceptibly "capture territories", curl and grow in all directions. The symbolism in this regard is close to the symbolism of the loach - it is cunning, the ability to achieve one's own goal by any means, coquetry.

Strawberries, especially large ones, resemble a stylized heart in their shape. That is why she is often associated with romantic feelings, love, and beauty. For the same reason, strawberries have come to be considered one of the symbols of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

It can mean a strawberry tattoo design and love for summer, hot and sultry days. It is also often correlated with memories of childhood, summer cottage joys of unity with nature.

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Steam strawberries and a symbol of emancipation

Strawberries can also be a pair of tattoos that represent love. Since the berry looks like a heart, symbolically, it is perceived that way. A tattoo in the form of halves of a strawberry can be done by two people, thus expressing love for each other, showing that they, figuratively speaking, have one heart for two. Also, a strawberry tattoo design with a twig with two berries on it can indicate that a person has a second half.

Quite often, such a strawberry tattoo design is made in an intimate sense. A strawberry tattoo speaks of a playful character, sexual liberation and a desire for experimentation. Moreover, if the strawberry tattoo design is done with this value, then it is often done on usually closed places of the body. There is an element of flirting in such discretion in everyday life. The "intimate" strawberry is usually applied to the lower abdomen, upper thighs, tailbone, etc.

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Strawberry tattoo designs meaning for men and girls

A strawberry tattoo design is a bold and non-trivial solution for a man, since, in principle, sweet berries are associated with something feminine, and the meanings of the tattoo only confirm this. However, such a judgment is rather stereotypical, because a man can also differ in his cheerfulness, love for the world in its physical manifestations, and the ability to flirt. Plus to this, we can talk about originality and the absence of fear of judgment.

Any of the above meanings will do, however, it is worth noting that it is girls who often get tattoos both in the most romantic sense, as a symbol of a loving heart, and in an intimate sense, as an erotic tattoo.

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