Best Tattoo Design Of Basketball In 2020

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The intro of tattoo design of basketball

There is a sea of fanaticism in the tattoo world, especially in the field of sports such as football and basketball. These are the most popular sports with a large following around the world, and on this wave, many people apply and display various images on their bodies, both with a football theme and with motives associated with basketball.

Anything that has its fans has its tattoos. And basketball, a sport enjoyed by a lot of people, is no exception to the rule because many fans love to engrave tattoo of basketball on their skin.

Conventional or more complex and original designs compete on the skin of regular basket hoops, who paint the style of the NBA (National Basketball Association) stars in ink on their skin.


basketball tattoo

Tattoo of basketball@adam_pitak_tattoos via Instagram

Tattoos of basketball are not only done by ordinary people, but NBA stars also choose to wear a variety of images related to their favorite game on their bodies in all possible styles and forms.

Basketball is a unique sport that originated on the street, and this fact is of great importance to this type of tattoo of basketball. The vast majority of basketball players have tattoos that indicate not only the sporting aspect but also several other values that are present in this sport and everyday life, such as effort, personal improvement, friendship, family, or healthy competition.

There are countless variations of tattoo of basketball. Here are some of them and what you can do:

 basketball tattoo

Tattoo of via Instagram

  • A basketball with a crown crowning it indicates that basketball is the king of all sports.
  • If you are a fan of a certain basketball player, you can embody the tattoo of basketball design with image of that player on your skin.
  • Anotheroption is to get a heart tattoo with lines that simulate a tattoo of  The point is that a person has forever locked this sport in his heart.
  • If you are a big fan of a certain basketball team, it is a great idea to get a tattoo ofbasketball with your favorite team's shield and logo.
 basketball tattoo

Tattoo of via Instagram

When it comes to the tattoo of basketball procedure, they are usually done on the most common areas of the body, such as the shoulder, lower legs, or arms (forearm with hand).

The basketball world is wide enough in every sense that it is not unusual for fans of Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant to wear images of the players or team insignia they have played for their entire lives, as in the case of the Chicago Bulls. or the Los Angeles Lakers.

 basketball tattoo

Tattoo of via Instagram

Some Popular Design About Tattoo Of Basketball

- Atlas carrying a balloon - and not the world - on his shoulders. It is a reference to the strength and power of any man wearing this brilliant discipline, basketball.

- Crowned sphere. More than a ball with a crown, this design means that basketball is the king of sports.

- Your favorite player. This is an image, done to perfection, of the player you admire the most.

- A human heart with lines that resemble those of a basketball. This design means that basketball is a sport that is carried in the heart.

- Five-pointed stars near a balloon. This drawing represents the number of players that make up a team.

With regard to the parts of the body chosen to print compositions on the skin, those which are the most visible are generally popular: shoulders, arms, neck, hands, calves. But that doesn't mean the other places aren't good.

The number and variety of existing designs are very extensive, not to mention the creativity of those who choose them. If you take a good look around you will definitely spot a tattooed basketball fan.

 basketball tattoo

Tattoo of basketball @jesyinktte via Instagram

The symbolism of basketball tattoos

The fact that the origin of most of the great basketball figures is linked to the street influences the tattoos of basketball that represent them.


Because more than 50% of the players “decorate” their bodies and their fans follow in their footsteps, to symbolize - in addition to sporting enthusiasm - some of the values that characterize a team:

  • Personal sacrifice.
  • Healthy competitiveness.
  • Common life.
  • Respect

 basketball tattoo

Tattoo of basketball@medusaink via Instagram

A lot of people want to get a tattoo of basketball with their favorite NBA stars, and I think it is also a very meaningful thing. Idols can push you forward and make you better every day. Their greatness are no need to proof, but you can define your own greatness. So go ahead and get your own tattoo of basketball.


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