Best Thigh Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

The thigh area is a place where few people get a tattoo, especially since in the long run it is a place where the skin tends to sag and the effect over the years is not so beautiful. There is also the disadvantage that if we gain weight this is one of the areas that expands before, so the thigh tattoo can also be affected by a change in weight quickly.

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However, there are many people who still dare with this type of tattoos. It is an area that has enough space to make a large number of thigh tattoos and can give a daring and special look to whoever wears it. The possibilities in an area like this are almost endless, since very large tattoos can be done with ease.

 demon woman portrait thigh tattoo

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In the thigh area, tattoos are not usually small details, because they would go almost unnoticed, but it is an area in which large tattoos are made, with all kinds of details and also with a lot of color. If you want one of these tattoos with a great extension, both on the back and on the leg it has the perfect surface. In this case we see two totally different thigh tattoos. On the one hand some delicate flowers and on the other a large skull with shadow.

 skeleton full leg tattoo

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Modern style thigh tattoos can be found in many styles, since we currently have certain trends. For example, in these tattoos on the thigh we can see geometric details, which are really popular, as well as very defined animals and flowers but with fine and delicate lines. Without a doubt, these tattoos have a modern touch that we love.

 sword skull thigh tattoo

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Animal thigh tattoos are very common, since as we have said, they usually symbolize strengths and personalities. In this sense we can see the following tattoo in artistic style and used uv ink to specialize it.





 sparking butterfly thigh tattoo

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Tattoos with a watercolor finish are a trend. It matters that ethereal and delicate aspect that they give off, that everyone likes so much. That is why we also see tattoos of this type in the thigh area. These types of tones that are blurred and are lowered can lead to the problem that they wear out faster than others, but with a touch-up of the thigh tattoo it will be like new.

 colorful paint night sky thigh tattoo

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