Best Zebra Tattoo Designs In 2020

The Intro Of Zebra Tattoo Designs

The image of a zebra always attracts attention - this animal has such an unusual and striking appearance. Alternating stripes on the skin remind people of light and shadow, good and bad, day and night, evoking associations with the stormy and varied course of life.

A zebra tattoo design is a sign that attracts the attention of others, denoting a change in events and impressions, harmony of existence, balance.

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Zebra tattoo designs common meaning

As for the color of the zebra, scientists still have not come to a common conclusion and argue which color is the main one: white with black stripes or black with white. There are many versions of why, in the process of evolution, the skin of an animal acquired this appearance - it is assumed that this is a way of protection from annoying blood-sucking insects, predators, or the hot sun. Despite the fact that the color seems to be the same, in nature, there are no two zebras with a pattern of stripes that are completely repeated.

Zebras are gregarious animals that maintain friendly and calm relations in the community. The main male leads the rest and monitors safety, constantly looking around the surroundings. With not very keen eyesight, animals rely on a keen sense of smell, which allows them to sense predators at a considerable distance. To protect the zebras, they masterfully use their hooves, fighting off lions and hyenas in the pastures and from crocodiles at a watering hole.

 zebra tattoo design

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Despite a tattoo design, zebra as a symbol

In eastern countries, zebras are considered a symbol of equanimity and calmness. Alternating stripes are like happy moments and unpleasant situations replacing each other in life. The image of the animal reminds of the principle that helps to maintain fortitude at any time: "Think about the good, but be prepared for the bad!"

For the peoples of Africa, zebras personify an active lifestyle, bright cheerful mood, joy. This animal is a symbol of a good disposition, a gentle attitude towards loved ones, love, and fidelity in relationships. Zebras in African mythology are caring and reliable parents, loving partners. The image of a zebra was used to stand out from the crowd, be noticed, and in demand.

Among the Indonesians, the image of a zebra was used in everyday life, as a talisman, giving endurance and optimism. It was believed that the animal personifies the ability to adapt equally quickly and easily to any situation, to maintain a presence of mind both during the fun and during sad events.

In modern culture, the image of a zebra is quite common - it can be figured in the original chess set, images on postage stamps, and company logos. Two zebras hold a shield on the coat of arms of the African state of Botswana. For residents of megalopolises, the word "zebra" is primarily associated with a pedestrian crossing, indicated by white stripes on the road.

 zebra tattoo design

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The value of zebra tattoo design for girls

Bright and fantasy images of zebra tattoo design on the body help girls to stand out from the crowd, to draw attention to themselves. A large tattoo on an open area of the body, made in bright colors using a watercolor style, is a sign of an extraordinary personality with outstanding talents and absolute confidence in his abilities. The owner of the zebra tattoo design is not afraid of the publicity and many gazes - she draws positive energy, inspiration, ideas from communication with fans.

A girl with a zebra tattoo design with multi-colored, not black, and white stripes seeks to make her life more interesting and varied. The owners of such drawings are sociable and inquisitive, love travel and new acquaintances, they always have time for hobbies and friendly meetings. For many, such a tattoo denotes a positively iridescent view of the world, a desire not to notice the negative.And these are the value for a girl to put a zebra tattoo design on their body.

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The meaning of tattoo for men

Men prefer to get monochromatic zebra tattoo design, emphasizing the contrast between dark and light elements of the design. Such tattoos symbolize the harmony of life and the desire to take all the turns of fate with calmness and a sober mind. Men with a small image of a zebra tattoo design  on their wrist or ankle are always ready to meet troubles fully armed, without panic and fear, even joyful moments do not make them lose their vigilance.

For a man with a zebra tattoo design, life trials are not terrible, since the striped animal is a symbol of endurance. Wearers of a tattoo consider the image a talisman that helps to make the right decisions, save energy, and take actions that bring a person closer to the goal. Zebra in the drawing on the body is an image that brings a person closer to nature, reminding of the need to be careful and listen to your intuition.

A realistic image of a zebra tattoo design is a display of qualities that are important to the owner. This is the desire to be caring and attentive, to treat loved ones and children with tenderness. The owner of the tattoo is a wonderful family man, a sensitive husband, and a kind father. The danger that threatens family members can turn him into a formidable defender, a calculating fighter, and a skilled assistant.

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