Best Bird Tattoo Design Ideas With Meaning for Men and Women

Introduction of Bird Tattoo Designs

Everyone knows that birds are always associated with the endless sky, freedom, sincere dreams and a sense of happiness. That is why they are very often used in body painting. Bird tattoo designs are especially popular among girls, because with their help you can emphasize grace and femininity. But it should be borne in mind that each of them has its own individual meaning.

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Different Types of Bird Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

-Bird Tattoo Design Idea: Hummingbird

A small bird of bright color has become one of the favorites of the fair sex. She is depicted on clothing and accessories, and is increasingly being chosen as a bird tattoo design.

As for its meaning, there is no single option. But most often it is believed that hummingbirds are a symbol of love, courage, gentleness of character, as well as freedom and energy. In turn, colored bird tattoo designs of hummingbird indicate the desire of the owner to have a bright, luxurious life.

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-Bird Tattoo Design Idea: Swallow

Previously, it was the swallow that was considered a real symbol and amulet for sailors and people who work away from home. In the modern world, its meaning is somewhat broader. Reliability, youth, happiness in the house, freedom, love and prosperity - all this refers to the swallow. If you are a person who loves freedom and happiness, you may think of getting one bird tattoo design of the swallow.

In addition, this particular bird is a symbol of spring and love, therefore very often its image is combined with other symbols. Often this is a heart and a variety of flowers. If you like this particular bird, we recommend making an individual sketch. This is the only way you can be sure that the bird tattoo design will have the necessary meaning.

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-Bird Tattoo Design Idea: Flamingo

In 2017, flamingos have gained particular popularity among girls. And this is not surprising, because a bright, beautiful bird looks really amazing. Now her image is used as a print on clothes and accessories; many make various decorations in the form of flamingos. Not to mention a bird tattoo design of it. Of course, the world of body painting has not spared this trend either.

It is worth noting that this bird is a symbol of environmentalists, so very often active members of this community make bird tattoo designs. Also, flamingos mean romance, daydreaming and a positive perception of the world.

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-Bird Tattoo Design Idea: Stork

As you know, it is the stork that is considered a symbol of the hearth, comfort and fertility. However, as far as bird tattoo designs are concerned, the meaning of this bird can be different. According to some sources, the drawing of a stork is a kind of amulet that clears the mind and gives peace. Others argue that this bird brings good luck and contributes to the appearance of a child in the family. Therefore, many people get this bird tattoo design because of its beauty and the meaning of good luck.

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-Bird Tattoo Design Idea: Peacock

Beautiful, majestic birds are always eye-catching and surprising. That is why bird tattoo designs depicting a peacock are always large, voluminous and look truly luxurious. As for the meaning, peacock is a symbol of longevity, wealth, immortality and even romance. Therefore, most often such a bird tattoo design is chosen for themselves by purposeful people who do not forget about self-realization and look at the world with a smile.

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-Bird Tattoo Design Idea: Owl

For many peoples, for more than a decade, the owl was considered a symbol of sinister strength, as well as darkness and nightlife. She was sometimes associated with magic, death, and even the afterlife.

Today it is believed that it means wisdom, prudence and fear, loneliness. That is why, most often, a bird tattoo design in the form of an owl is chosen by calm, peaceful and wise people who do everything in a measured way. By the way, this bird tattoo design looks great on almost all parts of the body. But most often she is depicted on her hands or feet.

 owl forearm tattoo

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-Bird Tattoo Design Idea: Swan

The symbol of transformation, love, fidelity and purity is of course a swan. Bird tattoo designs of it are very popular not only among women, but also among men. Moreover, some lovers get matching bird tattoo designs as a sign of their loyalty to each other and strong feelings.

People who choose such an image for themselves value their family and relationships in general. The bird tattoo design of the swan can be done both in black and in color. Very often, this particular bird is supplemented with interesting details in the form of greenery, beautiful flowers, and a heart. Such compositions look really very nice and harmonious.

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-Bird Tattoo Design Idea: Dove

It is this bird that has always stood out for its tenderness, grace and beauty. Since ancient times, she was considered a symbol of goodness and was closely intertwined with the concept of femininity and love.

As for the meaning of a bird tattoo design with such an image, a dove with an olive branch in its beak is a symbol of forgiveness. In any case, this bird has always had an extremely positive meaning, so many choose it as a talisman.

It should be noted that the dove is of particular importance for lovers. It is they who consider him a symbol of loyalty to a loved one. Therefore, you can often see matching bird tattoo designs of doves.

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-Bird Tattoo Design Idea: Phoenix

Rebirth and immortality are the most important meanings of the phoenix bird tattoo design. In some countries, it is also a symbol of cyclicality. In addition, the bird is often compared to fire and the sun. Therefore, there is an opinion that it is a kind of amulet and protection against bad events and negativity.

Oftentimes, a phoenix bird tattoo is made large, so the back or shoulder area is best suited for this. Small-sized images are made on the leg or collarbone, which looks no less attractive. Wise people who believe in themselves and in the best should choose a bird tattoo design with a phoenix.

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-Bird Tattoo Design Idea: Crow

The image of a crow as a bird tattoo design has been used for more than a dozen years. Nevertheless, it does not lose its relevance now. Its meaning is very ambiguous, since it has not only positive, but also negative aspects.

Most often it is believed that the raven is a symbol of death and the afterlife. At the same time, it is a symbol of wisdom and hermitage. Therefore, the meaning of the bird tattoo design of crow hould be determined individually, depending on what meaning you will put into it.

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Conclusion of Bird Tattoo Design Ideas

A bird tattoo is a really worthy option not only for women, but also for men. With its help, you can decorate the body and even find a personal amulet with good value.

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