Top Candle Tattoo Designs Ideas for Men and Women

Introduction of Candle Tattoo Designs

If you are looking for useful tips for your new tattoo, you are reading the right guide for you. Do you want a romantic and elegant tattoo? Today we recommend an interesting theme for your new tattoo: the candle tattoo design.

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The candle tattoo design is often portrayed as one of the most creative tattoos for both men and women. In short, a tattoo that could be the perfect choice for many of our readers, also trusting in the fact that these candle tattoo designs can be designed in many different ways, allowing you to easily add your creative touch, to be able to adapt to your style and your personality.

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Considering that they can be "worn" by both men and women, and that their symbolic value is often very strong, we can only dedicate a few lines to try to learn more about these candle tattoo designs, their meanings and much more. At the end of the discussion you will also have the opportunity to take a look at some candle tattoo designs that could be the best inspirations for your next tattoo project!

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Aquanaut and Tiger

Deer and Dancing Lion

Tribal Owl and Medal

Skull Hand Swallow Designs

Deer Animal& Woman Portrait


History of the Candle Tattoo Designs

Throughout history, the candle has become a rather changing symbol. It has commonly been a symbol of religion and spirituality for example. It is certainly no coincidence that candles are mainly used in churches and for various religious ceremonies. But still, some people would get candle tattoo designs because of their beliefs.

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More generally, candles can also be used for other celebrations, such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding. The reason is not simply because they are "bright" or "give light": the candle can in fact represent the victory of light over dark, or if you prefer good over evil. The candle tattoo design can therefore represent the light in your life, able to bring honor and wisdom even in the darkest times.

Keep these things in mind when choosing what type and style of candle tattoo designs to customize for your own tattoo!

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Candle Tattoo Meanings

As we have already partly had the opportunity to point out, the candle tattoo has a very symbolic value for both men and women who decide to adopt this type of tattoo. But remember: in the end, you will decide what symbolism to attribute to the candle tattoo design!

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If you then want to know what, generally, can be linked to the candle tattoo design, we can certainly remember how rather widespread meanings are those relating to:

  • wedding ring,
  • Christianity,
  • honor,
  • love,
  • wisdom,
  • goodness,
  • power,

Let's see together how to make this theme suitable for a tattoo and in which part of the body it is more advisable to get a candle tattoo design.

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The Color of Your Candle Tattoo Design

Not everyone knows that even the color of your tattoo can determine the meaning of the candle tattoo design, given that each colored candle can be linked to a variety of different meanings that can be applied to the tattoo.

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A few examples? Let's try to summarize them:

  • blue candle tattoo design- truth, wisdom, protection, understanding, patience;
  • green candle tattoo design- abundance, growth, success, healing, good luck;
  • orange candle tattoo design- power, luck, attraction, prosperity, ambition, courage;
  • pink candle tattoo design- love, friendship, affection, taking care of oneself;
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  • purple candle tattoo design- spirituality, trust, success, healing, recognition;
  • red candle tattoo design- vitality, strength, love, protection, desire, courage;
  • whitecandle tattoo design- healing, purity, unity, innocence, peace, spirituality;
  • yellowcandle tattoo design- wisdom, honor, inspiration, energy, stability.
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Candle Tattoo Designs

One of the biggest advantages of this type of tattoo is that it can be recreated and planned in many different ways. In fact, candle tattoo designs can represent a variety of different elements and symbols, including for example flowers, mirrors, vines, ivy, feathers, skulls, books and so much more! All you have to do is use your imagination to create a one-of-a-kind candle tattoo design.

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In this context, also bear in mind that there are many different ways to design the candle. Candles can be long, short, tall or wide. The candle tattoo designs can portray the candle on a plate, in a Victorian candle holder, or even a single candle or several candles. Another aspect of candle tattoo designs is the fact that they can be portrayed both lit and unlit - both have distinctly different meanings, which you should evaluate before recreating this design on your skin!

In short, as always, we have the opportunity to remember, before getting a candle tattoo design on your body, make sure you carve out all the time necessary for a very successful tattoo. Take inspiration from our photo gallery and make sketches to think about for some time… until you are fully convinced of the alternative you have put in your sights!

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Our Advice About Candle Tattoo Designs

The candle is associated with romantic moments, those of introspection, family evenings, intimacy and sometimes even sadness. If you are an introverted or romantic person, or if you love to think alone, get a candle tattoo design!

The candle can also be a symbol of the memory of a loved one… if you want to pay tribute to someone you care about or someone you have lost, a candle tattoo is perfect for you.

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You can also think of writing the name of the person you want to remember in the flame, making the candle tattoo design unique and original, as well as personalized. It depends on your tastes, your imagination and who you want to remember.

If you prefer, you can also write a name or a word with the melting wax effect. See how such a simple theme can become versatile and original? If you want a simple tattoo, you can choose to poke a simple candle tattoo design, if you want something more elaborate, you can associate the theme with a night landscape or a geometric design.

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The candle theme is perfect for old school style, but also fits real. The calf and arm are perfect for such a candle tattoo design that has a long and slender shape.

Remember to always choose an expert tattoo artist who knows how to render the details well, do not rely on those who improvise and/or those who do not have a standard studio. Addressing those who improvise a tattoo artist means putting your health at risk and could even leave you with a badly done candle tattoo design that you may regret.

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Finally, let's spend a few more moments to be able to remember that there are some important things to remember before choosing to have the candle tattoo design or any images poked on your body.

Make sure you take the time to find your candle tattoo design and avoid falling into impulse and instinct. It is important to understand what your candle tattoo design represents and will represent in the future: we are sure that you would not want to get a tattoo only to later discover that your tattoo represents something different from what you thought at the beginning!

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So, don't rush to get a candle tattoo design done. If you are not completely sure or are having second thoughts, wait some time. Instead, proceed when you are completely sure, without delay and without perplexity.

In this scenario, candle tattoos are a great choice for both men and women. You can make them very versatile, and you can combine them with great meanings, in line with your style and personality.

Remember to always treat the candle tattoo design just made with the special cream and wash it a couple of times a day until it heals. Keep following us for more tips!

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