Fragile Cat Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

Speaking of cats, this mystery alluring specie, they are independent and aloof, and hard to figure out their minds. They have been fed as pets for thousands of years, and were known as symbol of power and elegance in ancient history.

Until today cats mean more than pet to human, a cat tattoo speaks of the rare kind of man you are. You don’t require the unquestioning loyalty and constant enthusiasm of. You understand the cat’s secrecy, and fierce aversion to having its space invaded; conversely, you are endlessly generous with those who have put in the work to deserve your affection. A representation of the darker aspects of the psyche, the nocturnal cat isn’t afraid to venture where others fear to follow.

Considering how many people own cats it is a bit surprising the amount of mystery and magic these ubiquitous feline companions still illicit in people. Most often cats are associated with luck and a mystical, eternal nature; they do have nine lives after all. However, it goes a bit deeper than a simple idiom.

The man who welcomes the cat into his life–be it in the fur or on the skin–is an exceptional soul. Patient and steadfast, with an ever-so-slight sarcastic glean in his eye, he takes on the world on his own terms. Just as the cat asks for neither permission nor forgiveness, so too does he proceed with hardly a second thought for his detractors.

One thing is certain: once you’ve won the cat’s love, it’s for life.

three-headed Bastet cat tattoo

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fine line cat tattoo

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black cat tattoo

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realistic cat tattoo

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couple cat tattoo

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cartoon cat tattoo

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gorgeous cat tattoo

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realistic cat tattoo

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two cat tattoo

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Garfield body cat tattoo

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