Fragile Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

The cherry tree is a magnificent tree that produces pink or white flowers. In China and Japan, you can see many cherry trees, because they have great aesthetic value and practical utility. The flowers and leaves of the cherry tree are edible. Some Japanese culinary specialties contain these ingredients. They can also be seasoned and are found on supermarket shelves in Japan as a snack. A tea with a fairly pleasant, moderately sour taste is made with these seasoned cherry blossoms. Some flower arrangements also use cherry blossoms and are seen in many weddings. Luck favors couples who benefit from the presence of these flowers. Go get inktells’ tattoo stickers and know more about cherry blossom, the Sakura.

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The fascination with this tree is not limited to its beauty and utility. The life cycle of the Sukara tree , the Japanese cherry tree, is also intriguing. The cherry tree is bare during winter but, in spring, the flowering takes place, in all its abundance, to disappear after a week. Superstitious and deep Orientals see deeper meanings in the cherry blossom cycle.

The cherry blossom tattoo designs come from Chinese culture and are one of the icons that have crossed the world of oriental tattoos and arrived in the West. With its elegant design and rich meaning, this tattoo design is extremely popular all over the world, among men and women of all ages. From China, the popularity of this tattooed design also spread to Japan.

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However, in this country, the flowering of Sakura can also represent the Samurai warrior. These warriors adhered to a very noble moral code called Bushido or "way of the warrior". This code was associated with this so-called feminine flower. Although in reality even men can be refined, full of honor, chivalry, respect and integrity. The Cherry Blossom and the Samurai represent a balance between power and morality. The cherry tree possesses the hardness and strength of a true Samurai warrior but the flowers are delicate and soft like the moral and human values of the warrior.

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Meaning of Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

The cherry tree has different meanings according to different cultures and each cultural entity also gives different meanings to its flowers. In China, the cherry tree symbolizes the domination of women and amplifies its power in the areas of sexuality and love. The wearers of these works of body art can therefore choose a cherry blossom tattoo as a symbol of their independence, strength and resistance to the difficulties of life. The flower is also a sign of luck for the Chinese.

In Japan, Sakura has conflicting meanings. While this tree reminds them that life is short, it is for this reason that they desire to live life as intensely as possible. This meaning and symbolism is embedded in Japanese culture and was already there in the time of the Samurai. At that time, the wisdom of the warriors was greatly admired. The life cycle of the Sakura is mentioned in ancient literature, in comparison with the life cycle of the Samurai, in stories that show the flowers falling in the snow. The meaning of the Sakura bloom runs very deep and provokes essential reflections in human beings.

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Ideal Location of Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

The arm is a great place to put a cherry blossom tattoo. The flowering branches that extend naturally show the true beauty of this tattoo. The arm highlights this design and reveals the attractiveness of the flowers placed on the branches. For men, the best part to tattoo large, detailed designs is on the back or upper chest. The arms can accommodate a medium-sized composition, the flowers of which will appear to surround this part of the body. The thighs, especially in women, are an excellent place for a body work in vivid colors that will contrast beautifully with the skin. Colorful Sakura tattoos look adorable on a small woman's foot and have the advantage that they can be either shown or hidden. The prints on the shoulders are suitable for both men and women. The cuffs can accommodate neither too big nor too small flower designs and allow the tattooed person to see their dear tattoo at all times.

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Types of Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

The symbols of tattoos generally represent a sexual gender and a particular type of character. But although many women prefer cherry blossoms, a little addition to the design will be enough to give it a masculine appearance that will suit a man as well. Drawings of a cluster of cherry blossoms blossoming on a branch are also quite common. Combined with other objects, flowers can inspire exquisitely elaborate designs filled with deep and powerful emotions. The designs of these flowers are beautiful in vivid colors but there is no reason why an artist cannot make a work of them monochrome or in pastel colors.

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1. Koi Fish and Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design Ide for Men and Women

Koi fish, quotes and verses do not represent any particular genre but tattoos of phrases or words have a more significant impact on the actual expression of the wearer and are remembered each time they are worn. The text, written in an oriental calligrapher, gives the tattoo an additional exotic appeal for westerners who admire the design.

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2. Cherry Blossoms Tattoo With Decorated Branches Design Idea for Men and Women

Decorating the branches of the cherry blossom tree with hearts, stars and butterflies gives them a feminine look. It is the favorite design model of many tattooed women. It looks beautiful on the larger parts of their body. Due to the elaborate nature of the design, branch tattoos cost more than solitary flower designs. Women also tend to feel strongly drawn to the universal and personal meanings of hearts, stars, and butterflies.

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3. Skulls and Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Men, on the other hand, prefer male symbols like fire, skulls or Geishas to appear on their tattooed bodies. Artistically bloomed on the cherry blossom tree, these images give an impression of anguish that challenges and astonishes those who look at the composition. Some drawings represent a skull entirely covered with flowers.

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