Best Chinese Tattoo Design Ideas for Men


Chinese symbol tattoos have been very popular in the western world for the past decade, and they still are today. Chinese characters are like small pieces of art, exotic and mysterious, and very suitable for tattoo design. It should be noted that these tattoos are only done by Westerners, you will rarely see a Chinese with an ideogram tattoo. However, the opposite is true… In China, it is all the rage nowadays to get a tattoo of a text in English, usually full of spelling mistakes. That being said, the art and writing of traditional Chinese culture has graceful lines that lend themselves perfectly to tattoo art.

 Chinese mountain river tattoo

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It is the name of traditional Chinese characters used in the official written language of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and Chinese communities outside of China. There are around 47,000 Chinese characters, but many of them are unused (to be fully literate you need to know around 4,000). Most Chinese words are written with several characters, one for each syllable.

Chinese character tattoo

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Along with Traditional Chinese, there is also Simplified Chinese, which is intended for an attempt at literacy in China. Simplified Chinese characters have fewer strokes than Traditional Chinese characters. They are used in mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore.

However, calligraphy is not exclusive for Chinese-inspired tattoos. Other images strongly inked in the traditions of these people appear in the drawings of tattoo artists.

Chinese woman portrait tattoo

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  • The snake:associated with symbols of rebirth, healing and medicine
  • The dragon:linked to many references such as strength, wisdom, courage, etc.
  • Koi fish:represents willpower and determination in the face of adversity. The koi fish can be found drawn going upstream or downstream. In the first case, the difficulties have been overcome, in the other the fight is still going on to overcome them.
  • Chinese Buddha:The Laughing Buddha brings prosperity and good times. Often associated with the symbol of yin and yang.
 Chinese plant tattoo

Chinese tattoo of @dr.ton_y via Instagram

  • Chinese flowers:In traditional Chinese culture, cherry blossoms symbolize femininity and love. This kind of tattoo is sometimes accompanied by words, ideograms in Chinese or in simplified Chinese.
  • The Tiger:This is one of the most significant Chinese tattoos. It is one of the animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. A tattooed tiger represents courage, cruelty, steadfastness, aspirations, hope, self-reliance, carelessness, care, and friendship.
  • Tribal Chinese Tattoo:Some indigenous minorities in China follow the tradition of tattooing. They are known to have a tattoo on their face by the time they are twelve years old. This to prove their maturity. Such tattoos are made of symbols and tiny creatures between their eyebrows and around their mouths.
 Chinese bird animal tattoo

Chinese tattoo of @dr.ton_y via Instagram

  • Chinese lion head:Relatively common in the world of Chinese tattoos for men. A Chinese lion head tattoo symbolizes attributes like strength and courage.
  • Ying Yang:The symbol of yin-yang has its origins in Taoism, Chinese religion and philosophy. Yin, the dark side, is associated with shadows in terms of protection and femininity. The yang represents brightness, passion, positive hopes and growth. Also, inside this yin-yang, we can inscribe the tattooed names of relatives.
  • Phoenix:A Chinese Phoenix tattoo resembles flame, rebirth, immortality, and the new beginning of life. The rising or flying Phoenix symbolizes the fact that a person has gone through really difficult times, but has increased their physical form.
  • Chinese Lantern:The lantern tattoo symbolizes the light that shines its way in the dark. In a way, he's a lantern, a guide.
 Chinese pheonix tattoo

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  • The Chinese Fire Rooster:The choice of chicken or fire rooster may seem strange, but they have their roots in the country's ancestral culture. The rooster is a proud and surprisingly symbolic bird. Usually, this type of design is tattooed on the feet of sailors.
  • Chinese Eyes:The drawing of an eye (or eyes) can represent the "third eye", which obviously means intuition and the ability to see beyond the obvious or even into the future. The eye can also be seen as a symbol of protection against dangers or harmful influences.
  • The panda:It has been one of the emblematic animals of Asian culture for many years. The panda can be seen as the symbol of peace, calm and serenity.
 Chinese dragon tattoo

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  • The Chinese Crow:A crow is considered a bad omen, while two crows are considered a symbol of luck. The six ravens tattoo is meant to represent the ultimate reality of death. As a whole, the raven tattoo represents mystery and mythology.
  • Fan tattoo:can be worn by both men and women. Can be represented in various materials such as bamboo, turtle shell, bone or ivory. Some of these tattoos have a phrase or saying written on them. The fan can be seen as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.
  • The lotus:The color of the tattooed flower expresses its specific symbolism: The white lotus signifies purity and transcendence; the pink lotus signifies the supreme, the great Buddha; the red lotus expresses compassion and passion; blue signifies the supremacy of the eternal over the temporal.
 Chinese panda tattoo

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1 - Large Chinese tattoo for men with a Buddha head on the right pectoral and a pagoda on the left separated by a lotus flower.

2 - A theme often found in Chinese tattoos: the snake. Here represented in color associated with a demon's head. The whole taking all the left arm, the shoulder and the pectoral.

 Chinese snake tattoo

Chinese tattoo of @phillip_tattoo via Instagram

3 - A Chinese koi fish also called Koi carp on the left arm of this man. Drawing inked in monochrome. A typical achievement but still very cool.

4 - Chinese ideograms tattooed on the upper right arm. Chinese writing always offers pretty patterns and fun tattoos.

 Chinese ideagram word tattoo

Chinese tattoo of @chrissss_tattoo via Instagram

5 - Ink drawing of a demon warrior and a strikingly beautiful Chinese dragon. Almost uniquely monochrome tattoo with a simple touch of red to enhance the details.

6 - Tattoo in color on the whole belly and the top of the chest of this man. A Chinese serpent dragon in color.

 Chinese colored dragon tattoo

Chinese tattoo of @acecustomtattoo via Instagram

7 - Chinese tattoo of two Chinese lions (sometimes called Foo Dog) facing each other. The two mythical beasts are separated by Chinese characters.

Chinese lion tattoo

8 - A typical animal of the Chinese bestiary: the tiger. Here tattooed on the right arm of this man, only the blue eyes are colored and bring out the gaze of the Asian feline.

 Chinese tiger tattoo

Chinese tattoo of @sqz_one via Instagram

9 - A tattoo that we enter more rarely but of great beauty. The inked drawing of this red-headed Chinese warrior takes the entire back of our owner.

10 - Tattoo of the famous Chinese rooster.

11 - This tattoo is a new very beautiful representation of the Chinese lion often also represented in statues and in paintings. It is also sometimes equated with the Chow Chow, the dog breed.

 Chinese lion tattoo

Chinese tattoo of @derekchungtattoos via Instagram

12 - Symbol of duality, the Chinese yin yang tattoo on the front bars of this man remains a very great classic.

Chinese yin yang tattoo

Chinese tattoo of @tattoo.niki via Instagram

13 - Tattoo of a Buddha's head with Chinese flowers. Only the latter are colored.

14 - This Chinese phoenix tattoo is a stunning achievement. The inking and the delicacy of the lines for the drawing of the feathers is really impressive.

If you also have images of Chinese tattoos for men, please send them to us and share them with us.

 Chinese phoenix tattoo

Chinese tattoo of @fanny.dx_tattoo via Instagram