14 Best Dog Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

Dogs have been human staunch companions for at least 40,000 years, but they have not strayed far from their origins as wild wolves. No other animal has been able to capture our love and imagination like these remarkable creatures.

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In many cultures around the world, dogs are considered part of the family. They are trained to take part in the ceremonies and help us in our daily tasks. Some farmers train their dogs to help them with farm work, warding off unwanted people and hunting certain prey. This tradition continues even in the highest spheres of society. Fox hunting in England is a sport reserved for royalty and the wealthy. It is a tradition that dates back to 16th century.

From Cerberus to Lassie, dogs have always been the companions, friends or protectors of the human race. Dogs are often seen as protectors of the soul, and by extension, as guardians of the ethereal plains. Anubis is the ancient Egyptian god of death, while the dogs of Annwn  guard the gates of the Welsh underworld. Garmr guarded the gates of Helheim in Norse tradition, and in Mayan and Aztec cultures a dog was buried with the human victim of a sacrifice to guide her to the world of the dead. It is believed that dogs herald the coming of death, mainly when they howl in the night.

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Of course, who could forget Lassie saving little Timmy? Dog tattoo lovers around the world can confirm the loving and loyal nature of these animals. After the devastating earthquake in Japan in 2011, we could hear many tales of dogs refusing to abandon their owners despite the danger. No wonder they are the most popular guide animals for people with disabilities.

Meaning of Dog Tattoos for Men and Women

A man's best friend represents a great number of qualities, including: loyalty; friendship and camaraderie; protection and the role of guardian; the sense of resources; obedience; intelligence; community and family; dominance and strength (for aggressive breeds).

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As the quality of life gets better and better, many people will keep pets, and dogs are the pets most people choose. There have been studies on the psychology of dog lovers, who believed that dog lovers belong to the following personalities:

Be patient. Keeping a dog is very cumbersome. If you are impatient, it will disrupt your otherwise peaceful life. Therefore, keeping a dog must be patient to teach the dog basic hygiene awareness, and even more patience to take care of the dog's living environment.

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Rich spiritual life. Many people who work in other places will raise dogs if they have the conditions. Because they work hard outside without their loved ones to encourage and support, they are easily emptied mentally. However, those who raise dogs will soon become spiritually empty. Filled by pet dogs, dogs are one of the spiritual pillars of many people.

According to relevant statistics, dog owners have a strong sense of responsibility and are not easy to try an indulgent lifestyle because they have a strong sense of mission in life, work, and family.

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Only after raising a dog did you discover that a dog will help you when you need it most; it turns out that a pillow can also give you a sense of security; it’s not you who walked it, but it walked you; it’s not that only lovers will make you happy; you commit Sometimes it will be with you; he can listen to you complaining selflessly and patiently; his own dog is the smartest and obedient; it is not that it can't do without you but you can't do without it.

Now, more and more people have their pet dogs tattooed on their bodies. We have treated them not only as pets, but as friends, even closer than friends.

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Different Types of Dog Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

Dog tattoos come in all colors and sizes (from red dogs to cartoons to pink poodles) and can contain a large number of design elements. You can opt for a traditional Celtic symbol or just the photo of your favorite four-legged friend. The most popular dog tattoos are:

1. Dog Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Dog Paw prints

Some dog lovers prefer to use the footprints of their dear Fido as the main figure in their artwork - made in honor of their four-legged friend, to represent their love for him and the bond that binds them to him. Sometimes getting a dog print tattoo is part of the grieving process that follows the loss of a loved one.

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2. Dog Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Puppys

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Puppies are extremely cute and lively that you can not stop loving them. This kind of dog tattoo can be perfect for an elegant woman on the forearm or arm or behind the ear. A puppy tattoo makes you look lovely and easygoing.

3. Dog Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Dog Breeds

Dog lovers often have a preference for one breed or another. Whether you like Pitt Bulls or Rottweilers, Greyhounds, Poodles, Chiwawas, Belgian Shepherds or Bassets, each breed has characteristics that owners really identify with. They often get tattoos to pay tribute to their beloved Fido.

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4. Dog Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Dog Picture to Memorize Them

A pet dog must have been your family. But a dog life is not as long as a human’s, your little family may leave you after about a decade. You can choose to tattoo his/her picture to memorize them. This kind of dog tattoo shows your love for dogs and your feeling for your passing pet.

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5. Dog Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Cartoon Dogs

Cartoon dog tattoo designs can be very cute and vivid. If you are an anime or cartoon lover, you would love this kind of tattoo. Besides, cartoon dog tattoos can be designed in many ways. Manifold creations are out there waiting for you.

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6. Dog Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Geometric Dogs

Geometric designs are usually simple but fascinating and can blow people away at the first sight. Geometric dog tattoos are suitable sticked on the forearm or ankle.

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7. Dog Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: High Five With Dog

This kind of dog tattoos can be done in memory of your pets too. It’s kind of a bond of both of you and your friendship.

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