15 Top Dolphin Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

The dolphin is considered one of the most intelligent creatures in creation (along with humans, of course).  Long before humans began to glimpse the depth and real extent of the seas, there were already tales of dolphins guiding those lost amid lonely waves. Sea animal lovers, come and get some dolphin tattoo designs!

 dolphin tattoo design with balloon and cone hat

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Sailors have reported countless encounters with dolphins swimming around the hulls of their boats and the ancient Greeks considered them a good omen for their journey. The dolphins were considered to be the bearers of messages and blessings from the sea nymphs and were associated with Amphitrite, the Greek goddess of the sea. Therefore, some people believe that dolphin tattoo designs will bring them good luck.

 two dolphin tattoos

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The omnipresent smile of the dolphin provokes, in all those who cross the path of these majestic creatures, a feeling of strong connection with these wild animals. Dolphins are free spirits and very sociable creatures. They exhibit a sense of camaraderie and unity rarely seen in the animal kingdom. People with dolphin tattoo designs tend to love freedom.

There is also such a legend about dolphins: a long time ago. The son of the gods violated the taboos of the gods, fell in love with the girls from the mortal realm, and could not tolerate them in the gods and mortal realms. The elf queen who lives in the deepest part of the forest sympathized with his situation and gave the lovers a pair of spiritual bronze rings. You won't believe that someone would get a dolphin tattoo design because of this.

 mom and baby dolphin tattoo

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The pair of bronze rings protected him from crossing the sea safely. However, the god of jealousy discovered the secret of the bronze ring, took it away, and threw it into the sea. Lovers who lost the protection of the bronze ring were washed away by the waves. Even so, he still searched wholeheartedly. The figures of each other until the last moment. Dawn is approaching, and the two will turn into bubbles. This love affects the kind-hearted dolphins. Kind as dolphins are, a dolphin tattoo design can also tell us that.

 watercolor dolphin tattoo

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In reality, cute dolphins always attract people’s attention, representing peace and love. Gradually, dolphin tattoo designs are also accepted by tattoo lovers, especially for loving men and women. Dolphin tattoo designs have become his best choice for tattoos. People have gradually begun to use tattoo designs to express their emotions, whether it is love, family affection, perhaps nostalgia, or memorial service, but no matter what, this special form of tattoo has gradually been recognized by everyone. The unique expression of tattoos has unique charm, attracting many men and women to experience this unprecedented feeling. The tattoo artists also make the dolphin tattooers themselves truly reborn.

 3D dolphin tattoo

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Meaning of Dolphin Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

In general, dolphins speak to our playful and compassionate nature. In the wild, these creatures take the time to form strong social bonds with their party members and take care of each other. Dolphins have been observed to protect especially pregnant females. Most people feel a strong connection with these mammals, because these are living representations: a playful nature, a free spirit, intelligence, harmony, prosperity, from the community and the family, protection and guidance. But actually, dolphin tattoos are applicable both men and women.

 dolphin with water

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Dolphin tattoo designs are the most interesting warm and kind creatures. We seem to have a special connection with these sea creatures. This unique gift of Jesus brings us this blessing to understand their true and intelligent characters. This is the ultimate ambition of many people. In reality, a swimmer with a dolphin tattoo design will regularly go far away and go to a slightly larger place to make their wish a reality.

 dolphin and ship

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Dolphin tattoos are suitable for everyone, whether you are a boy or a girl. I believe many people know the meaning of dolphin tattoos. Dolphins are very cute animals in the ocean. They are very docile. It is said that kind dolphins will rescue people when they encounter someone falling into the water, and they will also fight sharks, so dolphin tattoos are the embodiment of kindness.  Dolphin tattoo is a symbol of kindness and guarding love, and dolphin tattoo is also a very delicate and small tattoo, whether it is realistic or totem, it is very beautiful!

 dolphin tattoos on the arm

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Docile, kind

The well-known dolphins not only do not harm humans, but also rescue people when they fall into the water and fight sharks. Therefore, dolphins are the embodiment of kindness and peace.

The patron saint of love

In Greece, the dolphin is a symbol of love. Legend has it that as long as you pray sincerely to the dolphins, the expected love will come true. There is even a romantic drama "Dolphin Bay Lovers" filmed with dolphins as the material. The dolphin tattoo designed as jumping out of the water is a sign of desire for love.

A symbol of freedom and tranquility

In Greek mythology, dolphins are the incarnations of human beings who are unwilling to be bound. They pursue freedom and swim in the blue sea. At the same time, dolphins are also intelligent creatures.

 dolphin tattoo

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Different Types of Dolphin Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

1. Heart and Dolphin Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

The heart not only symbolizes love, it also represents spiritual morality, joy, compassion, and emotional bonding. Heart dolphin tattoos which also include dolphins represent harmony, community, strong family ties and friendship.

 heart frame dolphin tattoo

Dolphin tattoo design of @nieun_tat2 via Instagram

 tattoo of heart consist of two dolphins

Dolphin tattoo design of @weedfinder.general via Instagram

2. Tribal Dolphin Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

When the tribal designs depict dolphins, they symbolize a cultural connection with the ocean, grace, and harmony. Tribal dolphin tattoos also symbolize strong family ties. These designs tend to be associated with Polynesian culture (but they are not limited to it) because of the long-standing relationship between islanders and dolphins.

 tribal dolphin tattoo with a crown

Dolphin tattoo design of @brittany_ashmore_tattoos via Instagram

3. Yin and Yang Dolphin Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

In Taoism, the symbol of Yin and Yang represents the balance between equal but opposing forces: good and evil, night and day, female and male, etc. Both are interdependent and complementary, each force giving life to the other. This symbolism exists in the designs of Yin and Yang dolphin tattoos which include dolphins, and represent life in harmony and balance.
 Yin and Yang Dolphin Tattoo

Dolphin tattoo design of @resurreccionjonathan via Instagram

4. Celtic Dolphin Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Celtic tattoos are strongly rooted in spirituality and paganism. In general, Celtic knots symbolize the interdependence of several elements of a spiritual nature. The intricate interweaving of lines of Celtic tattoos represent the connectivity existing between lovers or human beings and God and nature. Celtic dolphin tattoos represent a deep spiritual harmony with nature, community and family.

 Celtic Dolphin Tattoo

Dolphin tattoo design of @independenttat2 via Instagram

5. Seagull and Dolphin Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

This combination is relatively common, since the two creatures represent different natural elements; water and air. Apart from that, they symbolize the need to be free. Seagull tattoos represent the connection with nature, innocence, freedom and transformation, while dolphins are the personification of grace and frivolity. Usually, people who feel locked in a situation express their desire for freedom through a dolphin tattoo design that includes these two elements.

 dolphin beach double exposure tattoo

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