Creative Dragonfly Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

The history of peoples and tattoos goes back many centuries. Tattoos have evolved from their ancient roots to modern times, where people only use them as a form of body art. Ancient tattoos used symbols that are very difficult to decipher,  especially Egyptian symbols. Over the years, tattoo designs have conveyed clearer messages. The designs have gone from mysterious to classy and chic.

dragonfly arm tattoo

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Animal and word tattoos are the most popular designs you can get these days. These designs can sometimes seem childish to some people, but they often represent the natural relationship that exists between animals and humans. Conservationists as well as animal and nature lovers often wear this type of tattoo.

Dragonfly tattoos have gained huge popularity in recent years. The dragonfly is one of the most magnificent living organisms on this planet. A dragonfly tattoo can have a lot of different meanings depending on the perspective of the person wearing the design. Some people get this tattoo done just for fashion reasons, but other people have special memories of dragonflies. Whatever your reason, getting one of these dragonfly tattoos will make you look even cooler.

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Meaning of Dragonfly Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Different cultures give dragonfly tattoos different meanings. Japanese culture particularly associates dragonflies with strength and happiness. This means that the Japanese see these insects positively. Every time a Japanese sees a dragonfly, he just feels happy, and his mood improves dramatically.

In modern culture, dragonfly tattoos represent agility and speed. Have you ever watched the flight of these insects? This is one of the most remarkable characteristics of dragonflies. Athletic people are constantly looking for speed and agility. Most of the sports that are played these days, and maybe even all, require speed and agility on the part of athletes against their competitors or to catch certain objects. This is probably one of the reasons why a lot of athletes get this type of tattoo printed.

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Dragonfly tattoos also symbolize personal achievement, transformation and maturity. In many cultures, people believe that seeing a dragonfly is a sign of transformation or the beginning of the path to greater transformation. Another belief is that seeing a dragonfly means that some aspect of your life needs to be changed. The reason dragonflies, change, and maturity are intrinsically linked is that these insects evolve over the course of their lives.

Dragonflies are born in water and stay there until they learn to fly. From that moment, they will no longer consider water as their element. Air will become their new element and guide their flight into adulthood, a process of transformation comparable to that of humans. As you grow older, you discover new facets of your personality. You will gain more important knowledge and you will develop as a person. All of these changes lead you to the so-called "maturity phase". During this one, you look at life from a different perspective. You start to take it seriously and discover its deep meaning.

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Types of Dragonfly Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

Dragonflies are adorable. Also, dragonflies look magical because they exude a different aura than other insects. In fact, these particular insects have different meanings around the world. Many cultures have a positive view of dragonflies for many reasons, especially because they are one of the only insects that do not bite or sting humans.

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Here are some of the dragonfly tattoo design ideas that you can get right now:

1. Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo Design Idea for men and Women

This is one of the most attractive dragonfly tattoo designs of dragonflies. This design requires the use of vivid inks to reflect the true colors of the dragonflies. At first glance, this dragonfly tattoo looks straight out of a museum wall due to its picturesque appearance. The multicolored inks used in this design add an optimistic and cheerful touch to the dragonfly tattoo. This design is perfect for women who have a cheerful and bubbly nature.

watercolor dragonfly forearm tattoo

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2. Tribal Dragonfly Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

This type of dragonfly tattoos is one of the most popular designs among young people today. Tribal tattoos are amazing dragonfly designs that combine very well with dragonflies, creating a particularly attractive concept. The result of this combination is incredible. Usually tattoo artists give a tribal touch by using thick black lines to draw the wings of the dragonfly. Some artists also draw the dragonfly exactly as it is and just add tribal designs below or below the insect. This type of dragonfly tattoo design gives both an ethnic and modern feel.

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3. 3D Dragonfly Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

It is another type of dragonfly tattoo design that makes the tattoo look more realistic. 3D tattoos are very different from regular tattoos, because they put more emphasis on the depth and shadows of the dragonfly  tattoo design. The artist uses certain drawing techniques to make it look like a three-dimensional figure. When you look at the tattoo from a certain angle, you get the impression that a dragonfly has actually landed on that part of your body. This dragonfly tattoo is sure to grab the attention of everyone who sees it.

3D Dragonfly Tattoo

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4.Geometric Dragonfly Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Geometric dragonfly tattoos are generally composed of black lines and are suitable for people who like simple styles. Most people with this type of tattoo also prefer art or geometric structure lines, and their thinking logic is relatively better.

Geometric Dragonfly Tattoo

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Ideal Location of Dragonfly Tattoos for Men and Women

Dragonfly tattoos can be big or small. Their size simply depends on your preferences. However, you must remember that the size of your tattoo design will affect the location of the tattoo. If you choose a small dragonfly tattoo design, you can place it anywhere on your body. On the other hand, if you choose a large design, you will only be able to place it on parts of the body that are suitable for its size.

For small dragonfly tattoos, choose your wrist or one side of your neck. These areas are perfect if you want to add a sexy touch to your dragonfly tattoo. These two parts of the body are easy to notice as they are usually visible but you can also hide them with your hair or with a large bracelet, making it a perfect tattoo spot.

dragonfly thigh tattoo

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You can put larger tattoos on your back or chest. These two parts of the body are perfect for people who don't want to show off their tattoos all the time. They are suitable for those who sometimes want to display their dragonfly tattoos and sometimes hide them. If you still think that a large-size tattoo is hard to cover, why don’t you find some inktell’s tattoo sticker instead.