Best Tattoos of Fairy for Women

This article will be specially dedicated to representatives of the female gender, because we will talk about the theme of fairy tattoos. These tattoos adorn thousands of girls' bodies all over the world and their popularity does not wane over the years. Fly like a fairy in our fairy tattoo design gallery, one of them will definitely end up casting a spell on you. Here are the contents:

  • Introduction of Fairy Tattoo Designs
  • Meaning of Fairy Tattoo Designs
  • Variations of Fairy Tattoo Design Ideas
-The Flower Fairy Tattoo
-The Butterfly Fairy Tattoo
-The Gothic Fairy Tattoo
-The Crying Fairy Tattoo
-The Evil Fairy Tattoo
-The Tribal Fairy Tattoo
-The Dragon and Fairy Tattoo
-Mischievous Fairy Tattoo
 fairy tattoo design

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Introduction of Fairy Tattoo Designs

The stories and fairy tales originate from western European (British Isles) folklore and then spread to Germany, where authors like the Grimm brothers made them popular. Fairies are said to be fallen angels or demons who granted the desires and wishes of humans while committing deeds full of malignancy. These spirits have very contradictory characteristics. Which is also one of the meanings of fairy tattoo designs. They are both modest and boastful, obedient and rebellious, innocent and Machiavellian. This mix of personalities could be the reason for the popularity of fairy tattoos.

 fairy tattoo design

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Fairies, native to Celtic, Roman, and Greek mythology, are fantastic and magical beings typically depicted as small, human-like creatures of pretty women, with transparent wings and colorful clothing. That’s why fairy tattoo designs are more suitable for women. These beings, according to different mythologies, have supernatural powers, such as flying, warding off spells, predicting the future, communicating with animals and many others. Girls with fairy tattoos might have imagined that they were fairy too.

 fairy tattoo design

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These beliefs, coming from different mythologies and cultures, present different explanations of the origins of the existence of fairies. They are believed to be the reincarnation of the spirits of the dead or that they are a kind of fallen angel. On the other hand, they are also thought to be a species of creature in and of themselves, kind of little devils who have fun by mischievousness and disturbing human beings. But in fact, different kinds of fairy tattoo designs stand for different meanings.

 fairy tattoo design

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The theme of fairy tattoos with images of fairies is still developing even today and these tattoos represent certain lifestyles and ways of thinking. A fairy tattoo design can be something pretty and delicate, as if it came out of a children's tale. This type of tattoo evokes a certain childhood nostalgia for those who remember it deeply and happily. In this sense, fairy tattoos are a symbol of youth and childhood.

 fairy tattoo design

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Fairy tattoo designs stand out naturally and work well as a complement or part of another design, which gives very great versatility to this type of fairy tattoo designs. For example, common combinations are tattoos of fairies and flowers or fairies and butterflies - or both. Another frequent drawing, that of fairies accompanying the drawings of the moon or angels. So, these versatile tattoos provide multiple possibilities for women who can place it on any part of the body. When it comes to making fairy tattoos, you can use a large palette of bright colors or black ink with plays of shadows and sepia tones.

 fairy tattoo design

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If any of these designs you like, and you are considering getting it tattooed, we would like to recommend that you put the quality and health of your skin first, that is why you should go to places that offer you professional services so that these fairy tattoo designs, which you will wear all your life, are in perfect condition.

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Meaning of Fairy Tattoo Designs

Fairy tattoos are usually full of color and popular with women, given that they have an easier connection with the meaning and symbolism of this artwork. According to legends, fairies are magical creatures that represent:

  • Femininity
  • Beauty and grace
  • The fulfillment of dreams and desires
  • Innocence and youth
  • Spirits of nature and paganism
  • Frivolity and gambling
  • Machiavellianism
  • Freedom
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Variations of Fairy Tattoo Design Ideas

Fairy tattoos are sometimes combined with religious symbols like crosses or stars, as well as with natural elements (like mushrooms and flowers), which represent the spiritual connection associated with these mythical creatures but are also a way of changing the meaning of the tattoo for the wearer. Popular variations of fairy tattoo designs are:

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1. The Flower Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

Flowers are the natural symbols of femininity. Fairies are often depicted sitting on them or playing with them. The flowers represent youth, frivolity and connection with nature. Sunflowers symbolize warmth, energy and longevity. Daisies represent innocence, love and purity, while white lilies symbolize youth and motherhood. What do you think of a flower fairy tattoo?

 The Flower Fairy Tattoo

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2. The Butterfly Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

Butterfly fairy tattoos represent nature and innocence, and when associated with fairies, they represent beauty, grace, and freedom. Butterfly fairy tattoo designs therefore symbolize rebirth and transformation, as butterflies go through a phase of transformation during their life.

 The Butterfly Fairy Tattoo

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3. The Gothic Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

Gothic fairy tattoo designs combine innocence and youth with darker connotations and elements (some sometimes use skulls). They represent dark fairies who have anguished and tortured expressions. Gothic fairies generally represent the loss of innocence. When the fairies in the drawing have challenging poses, they represent strength and power in the face of adversity.

 The Gothic Fairy Tattoo

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4. The Crying Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

Sad fairy tattoos also represent the loss of innocence. A crying fairy, sitting on a flower or a mushroom, symbolizes the sadness of a lost connection with nature or broken ties with a loved one. Wearing a crying fairy tattoo represents loss and emotional grief, as the fairy, who is normally a powerful female figure, has been hurt and weakened.

 The Crying Fairy Tattoo

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5. The Evil Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

In some cultures, evil fairies are evil beings who create chaos by stealing babies and destroying crops. The designs of evil fairy tattoos sometimes have touches of innocence (like an apple) that date back to the times of Norse mythologies and refer to tales like that of Loki, the serpent from the biblical story of Heaven on Earth, and well others.

 The Evil Fairy Tattoo

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6. The Tribal Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

Combined with a fairy image, tribal tattoos represent a fusion of cultures and myths from visibly different worlds. Nowadays, the true meaning of each tribal symbol has been lost, but the designs of tribal fairy tattoos generally represent femininity and a connection with nature, with our ancestors or with a particular culture. They are usually black in color.

7. The Dragon and Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

The dragon is a symbol of the primary forces of nature. It lives in deep dark cellars (earth), steals (air) and breathes fire, and in Asian culture, it is associated with water. Dragons and fairies represent different expressions of nature: Dragons tend to be masculine and powerful, while fairies are delicate, feminine, and strong. In a sense, dragon and fairy tattoos represent the male and female elements of nature, which contradict and balance each other.

8. Mischievous Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

The mischievous fairy tattoo designs evoke images of innocence, frivolity, evilness and youth.

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