Best Gun Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

The tattoo guns always have a number of connotations that not everyone likes. But the other side of them is that there are many people who opt for a design like this. A design that can be adapted to our tastes and in different sizes.

They will be surrounded by strong controversy , of that there is no doubt. That is why it is said that the person who wears them has a strong personality. But it is that others, its meaning also goes beyond what the weapon can represent. Therefore, it is important that you discover everything that gun tattoos contain.

 soldier with gun tattoo design

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Gun tattoos and their meanings

  • One of the most frequent meanings in this type of design is that of protection . Without a doubt, just by looking at the gun we already know that it is a symbol of safety but also of strength. Perhaps a way to intimidate everyone who looks at them.
  • On the alert for the dangers that lie in wait . One way of saying that a person is always on the alert is with such a tattoo. Let's say that in addition, you will have a very fast way of being able to react when things do not go as well as you expect.
  • Gun tattoos have sexual connotations. Perhaps it would be one of the meanings that you would not think of in this case, but yes, it can also become the protagonist. Some psychoanalysts saw revolvers as a way of representing sexual aggression. Hence, sometimes we can see how the designs are made in the lower abdomen, both for them and for them.
  • They convey strength. It is another of the points to take into account if we are going to get a tattoo of this type. In addition to all the above symbolism, it can indicate strength. Although for many others, it will continue to be synonymous with violence.
 angel with guns tattoo

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Designs with guns

Without a doubt, each and every one can make designs like the ones we mentioned. They are not only relegated to men, since women can also choose the most original designs. One of the most frequent in them is the one that we see how a garter runs through the upper part of the leg and in it, it carries a small integrated pistol. Of course, it is also common to see a design like this surrounded by flowers. Both for them and for them, we cannot forget that sometimes they point towards the intimate area. Either a single gun or two, smaller and on both sides.

 realisitc gun tattoo design

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Of course there are also designs that run down the arms or back . For all those who want a simpler design, it is worth remembering that a small gun in the part of the fingers or on the ribs is the most suggestive and original, in addition to maintaining the meanings we have mentioned. Of course, the Wild West also has a lot to do with a tattoo like this. With no other connotations than the legacy and the society of that time, you can also choose a suitable drawing. As we can see, we do not always have to be thinking that it is a weapon with the purpose that we all know, since the symbolisms can be very varied.

 balloon gun tattoo design on the thigh

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If you like small and minimalist designs , you can always go for a tattoo with two crossed pistols. The same idea but seen from a less violent point of view. A way to accentuate the spirit of protection and strength that we like so much. They are perfect both on the nape and on the back of the arm, above the elbow. Now only you have the last word on gun tattoos!

 colorful gun tattoo design

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