If you are a lover of going out to nature to spend the day walking along trails, These tattoos are for you. Hiker tattoos are rare, and perhaps that is why they are so interesting. I like to lose my steps on aimless paths, in the middle of forests. Looking for a river where to stop my way to eat something and rest. Feel the rustle of the leaves, the water, the song of the birds. I am passionate about hiking, but not as a sport but to enjoy the connection to nature. If you like hiking as I do, then these tattoos are designed for you.

The wide-open spaces call us at all times, but it is the rare man who rises to answer.

Hiking is one of life's greatest joys, a test of the mind, body, and spirit, and those who venture into nature always know in some little psychological realm that they can't go home.

A hiking tattoo designed for hikers, be it a compass, a pair of boots, a map, or a panoramic view of the mountains, accompanies you as a protective emblem wherever you go. You are a man who takes every opportunity to escape the so-called civilized life and return to your true roots. You need the open terrain and fresh air, a chance to gain a new perspective and broaden your horizons. Who can get that in the chaotic metropolitan?

The hiker never settles for long and is always looking for new trails and undiscovered territory. Whether your passion is a weekend quest or a philosophy of life, your hiking tattoo is your permanent north star. Wherever it accompanies you, you will never be far from home.

Much of the world may have been conquered and colonized, but there are still those green enclaves and primordial retreats where it is worth getting lost to enjoy their company or that of good friends. They await your arrival and challenge you to return to the roots of your origins. Now that you've heard the call, what will your inked totem be?

tiger pup tattoo on forearm

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snake eagle tattoo on forearms

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moon and wolf tattoo on arm

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plant leaf tattoo on arms

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unique moon and car tattoo on arm

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speical black and white deer tattoo design idea

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rabbit and heart tatoo on thigh

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flower and bee moth tattoo on palm

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ocean sea firework tattoo on waist

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anime special tattoo on forearm

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sunset tattoo on forearm

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eagle tattoo on forearm

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bath tub tattoo on arm

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