Top Hummingbird Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

There are no size restrictions for hummingbird tattoo designs, making them perfect candidates for almost any part of your body. Considered one of the best designs for women, hummingbird tattoos also adapt very well to the body of men, who wear them proudly. The possible variations for this design are the style, the color and the addition of different other designs that make this bird a perfect symbol for both genders. The beauty and significance of the design are universal, ageless, and popular with beings of all ages. If you are fond of birds and would like to get some tattoo stickers like hummingbird designs, come and visit inktells!

hummingbird forearm tattoo

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Meaning of Hummingbird Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Different cultures and personalities regard the hummingbird as other than a fighting bird or a symbol of love. This bird also represents joy, hope, life, charm, peaceful freedom and many other things in different cultures.

As hummingbirds are constantly busy and move from place to place, it is not easy to see them. A glimpse of them is therefore quite rare and for some people, it is a sign of luck. The constant movement of the bird can also represent energy and vigor. The bird always returns to places where men leave food for it. The hummingbird is also closely associated with peace.

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Many tattoo designs combine hummingbirds’ image with other symbols of peace and with a dove. But they also represent attraction and taking care of those you love. People in a relationship often get two identical hummingbird tattoo designs on their bodies, which represent their commitment to each other. Others point to their partner's name as a symbol of love and loyalty. The hummingbird always forages on its own and this solitary flight can also represent freedom independence.

The hummingbird is associated with love, and the bird's rich history fascinates those who wear tattoos as much as those who look at them, because of the beauty that emanates from them. This association is ancient and amazing. Because the bird lives throughout America, from northern Alaska to southern Chile, and is part of the folklore, literature, mythology and legends of the native people of America.

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These legends therefore cover a large territory and even concern the Aztecs, known to be courageous warriors. Religious rulers and Aztec kings decorated their bodies with the feathers of these birds, and small sacks containing their lifeless bodies hung around their necks. The Aztecs superstitiously believed that hummingbirds were the reincarnation of warriors and also viewed them as a symbol of life and prosperity. The precious talismans present in the silhouette of the bird meant to them that whoever wore them was capable of great prowess and possessed the talent and energy to become a stronger and more effective warrior.

Other native American cultures such as the Haida and the Ojibwe also have legends that tell about the origins of hummingbirds. One of them reveals that the little hummingbird is a creation of the Raven made from the attractive flowers that bloom in spring. The Raven would have given this new creature the power to move gracefully and penetrate leaves and trees. As a sign of contentment and gratitude, the bird comes into contact with each flower in a majestic and graceful manner. The story is about the joyful nature of the hummingbird.

The hummingbird also represents the bird of love in Jamaica and the Caribbean. It is the national bird of the island of Jamaica. Mexico and parts of Peru have produced valuable works of art and held hummingbird tribute ceremonies. The plains of Nazca, Peru contain the gigantic features of a magnificent hummingbird patiently carved into rocks by the Nazca people, who are even older than the Incas. The title of "Hummingbird Country" however belongs to Trinidad and Tobago.

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Types of Hummingbird Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

The hummingbird tattoo design offers a lot of different artistic possibilities in terms of style, size, color rendering and monochromatic options. There are around 300 species of hummingbirds of different types and with beautiful colors. The most popular design shows the bird drinking the nectar from an attractive and colorful flower. Curved lines often accompany the design, mimicking the tail feathers of the hummingbird. This depiction actually symbolizes the spirit of the bird and this jovial disposition exists even in tribal hummingbird tattoo designs. Other design elements like plants, flowers, clouds, butterflies, winged dragons and other designs help to create a story and add to the charm of the tattoo.

1. Tribal Hummingbird Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

People of America consider the hummingbird to be a symbol of love. Many women around the world adore images of hummingbird designs because they are lively, colorful and active animals. This design is suitable for both smaller places and larger areas of skin. The small hummingbird tattoo designs are easily recognizable because of the particular shape of the bird's forelock. Larger tattoos often include the traditional flower petals as part of the design.

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2. Flying Hummingbird Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Birds are popular designs in the body art world, due to their characteristic shape and the rich texture of their feathers. In full flight, the hummingbird is only grace and power. The hands of a talented artist can beautifully interpret these qualities. In addition, birds still have their own character and beauty. The hummingbird tattoo design is the favorite subject of that for women, who generally prefer them to all other birds.

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The hummingbird is a natural wonder, not only because of its size but also the unique characteristics of its flight, incredible activity, and metabolism. This bird can fly very gracefully, as if it were floating in the air, in all directions, backwards and upside down and going at a speed of 40 km/h. It can stop in a tenth of a second, at any time during its flight. The association of this bird and flowers is not only symbolic but also biological. Both need each other to complete their life cycle. Due to their constant activity, hummingbirds must eat 50 times a day to replace the calories they constantly burn.

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This tiny, busy, endlessly working bird is the perfect representation of a seemingly fragile creature that defies all of the laws of nature. This character is easily compared to that of humans who face complicated challenges. More importantly, humans are inspired by it to lift their heads and overcome problems, just like the hummingbird that flies from challenge to challenge. Imagine this incredible humming bird tattoo design, so rich in meaning and inspiration tattooed on your body. This tattoo constantly speaks to the wearer about the greatness of love, while also reminding them to live their life to the fullest.

3. Tattoo Design Idea of Two Mirrored Hummingbirds for Men and Women

Tattoos of two mirrored hummingbirds are very popular and have a unique character that is not yet too common and is still very pleasant to look at. As the name suggests, this tattoo features two hummingbirds facing each other and forms a wonderfully fascinating image. This design is particularly suitable for the chest, hips, back and shoulders.

Two Mirrored Hummingbirds tattoo

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