12 Best Kangaroo Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

Introduction of Kangaroo Tattoos for Men and Women

Many animals have curious characteristics that make them very interesting to humans. In the case of the kangaroo, it is its appearance, its behavior but also the myths from bygone eras that tell us a little more about its symbolic meaning.

In pop culture, the kangaroo is even portrayed as a fighter because, like humans, it stands on its own two legs. Let's see in more detail the characteristics that make the kangaroo an interesting symbol to get tattooed.

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Kangaroo Tattoo Meaning: The Origin of The Name of Kangaroo

According to legend, derived from the aboriginal Australian Guugu Yimidhirr: "gangurru" means "don't know". And all this is actually just a misunderstanding. When Joseph Banks made his first sailing trip, he arrived on the bank of the Endeavour River (now the port of Cooktown). During the seven weeks of docking and repairing the ship, he unexpectedly discovered a strange animal, and asked the local Australian aborigines. However, due to language barriers, he regarded "don't know" as the English name of "kangaroo". Always use. But in fact, according to the research of linguist John B. Haviland, the local term for kangaroo is "ganguro", and its meaning is not "unknown".

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Kangaroo Tattoo Meaning: Morphological Characteristics

-Kangaroo Tattoo: The Shape of Kangaroos

Zoologists have verified that the kangaroo is a typical representative of marsupials. Marsupials are underdeveloped animals and are premature fetuses, so they need to develop in a nursery pouch. Female kangaroos have four nipples, two are high-fat, and two are low-fat. Female kangaroos usually give birth to 3 to 4 babies per litter, kangaroos must be taken into the bag after birth and eat low-fat milk. This determines that each baby kangaroo can only survive two; kangaroos are very small when they are born, only about the size of a peanut. The height of an adult kangaroo is 1.3 to 1.5 meters and the weight can reach 50kg.

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-Kangaroo Tattoo: The Tail of Kangaroos

Kangaroos use their lower limbs to jump and run very fast, up to 50 kilometers per hour. The kangaroo has a "multifunctional" tail, which is very useful. It can support the ground and both lower limbs to balance the body when resting. The tail is an important balance tool during running. In addition, the kangaroo tail is also an important offense, with weapons of defense.

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-Kangaroo Tattoo: Common Characteristic of Kangaroos

All kangaroos, regardless of their size, have one thing in common: strong and powerful hind legs with long legs; kangaroo’s Crural index (ie (calf length/thigh length)×100 index, or (tibia length/femur length)) ×100 index) reached 172, of which the red kangaroo reached 202, far exceeding other animals, while the average human being only has more than 80. Kangaroos can jump up to 4 meters and up to 13 meters. They can be said to be the highest and farthest mammals.

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Most kangaroos live on the ground, and it is easy to distinguish them from other animals by jumping from their strong hind legs. Kangaroos use their tails for balance during jumping. When they walk slowly, the tail can be used as the fifth leg. The kangaroo's tail is thick, long and full of muscles. It can not only support the kangaroo's body when the kangaroo is resting, but also help the kangaroo jump faster and farther when the kangaroo jumps.

All female kangaroos have front pouches, but males do not. There are four nipples in the pouch. "Cubs" or wallabies are raised in the pouch until they can survive in the outside world.

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-Kangaroo Tattoo: Take the Leap

According to a rather curious account, kangaroos originally walked on all fours, like the rest of the animals. However, as they were being pursued by the men, at nightfall, they allegedly decided to go on tiptoe so as not to wake them and managed to escape.

From that moment on, kangaroos would have learned to walk on their hind legs and jump to escape dangers.

The jumps therefore not only represent daring but also the fact of daring to try new things, to grow on a personal level. As the popular saying goes, you have to "dare to take the plunge".

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Kangaroo Tattoo Meaning: Life Habits

-Kangaroo Tattoo: Habitation and Family

Kangaroos are herbivores and eat a variety of plants. Some also eat fungi. Most of them are active at night, but some are active in the early morning or evening.

Kangaroos live on short, green grasses close to the ground, leaving long grass and hay to other animals. Certain species of kangaroos also eat leaves or small tree teeth. "Racial discrimination" in the kangaroo family is very serious. They cannot tolerate the entry of foreign members into the family, and it is not welcome even for members of the family to come back after a long period of outing. Even if the family accepts new members, they have to learn a lesson, until the new members learn a lot of "rules" before they can integrate with the family.

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-Kangaroo Tattoo: Social Animal

Kangaroos usually live in groups, sometimes as many as hundreds. However, some smaller species of kangaroo live alone.

In the wild, when kangaroos are chased by enemies, they have their unique counterattack methods. They leaned against the big tree, their tails were on the ground, and they kicked the abdomen of the enemies that came running with their powerful hind legs. However, in the zoo, the kangaroo is still a more gentle and honest animal. They are well taken care of, they eat nutritious feeds, and get used to life in the zoo. In cold weather, I moved into a greenhouse with large glass windows.

Kangaroos are the largest mammals that use their hind feet to jump together. Jumping is a peculiar gait for large mammals, but this is not the only way for kangaroos to walk. Kangaroos do not just jump and travel. When moving slowly, they also crawl with four feet, but a pair of forelimbs and a pair of hind limbs move together instead of alternately.

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Protection and Attentive Care of Kangaroo Tattoos

When we talk about kangaroo, how can we not mention the way in which they raise their young. This quality is one of their most characteristic traits. This is the reason why in many cartoons for children they are depicted as a symbol of motherhood. The kangaroo is a very affectionate animal that takes care of its young.

It is not without reason that this is an important tattoo choice for mothers, who identify with this feeling of protection for their children.

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The Totem of Kangaroo Tattoos

Many cultures have worshiped animals since ancient times. The kangaroo is no exception. He is the subject of many myths and legends in Australia.

The kangaroo represents many things to Australian Aborigines, including sexual potency, strength and protection in the face of big decisions.

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In summary, we can say that the kangaroo mainly represents daring but also the feeling of love and protection characteristic of mothers.

For these reasons, the kangaroo is a tattoo option chosen by thousands of people around the world.

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