16 Best Kite Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

Kite tattoo designs are usually very small and very delicate but they can also be found in different sizes. They can have various meanings like freedom, friendship, or refer to a very particular memory of your childhood. Flying kites is also a great fun activity that you have certainly done with your parents or children before.

 diamond kite tattoo

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A Little History of Kite Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Man has always dreamed of knowing and feeling what it was like to fly in the air, like birds, and to feel the air of the atmosphere aerodynamically.

-Kite Tattoo: The Improvement of the Kite

The kites date from around 1200 BC and come from China. The kite was invented by the working people in ancient China during the Spring and Autumn Period of Eastern Zhou Dynasty, and it has been more than 2,000 years. Some kite tattoo design wearer may know about this history. According to legend, Mo Di made wooden birds from wood and developed them for three years. It is the earliest kite origin of mankind. Later, Lu Ban used bamboo to improve the material of Mo Di's kite. It was not until the Eastern Han Dynasty, after Cai Lun improved papermaking, that the shop began to use paper to make kites, called "paper kites."

In the Southern and Northern Dynasties, kites began to become a tool for transmitting information; At that time, they were used to send messages to different detachments. And in the Song Dynasty, kite flying became a favorite outdoor activity. And you may get a kite tattoo design because of this.

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-Kite Tattoo: Kite, Thunder and Some Inventions

But above all, this instrument awakened the ideas of important visionaries: in 1752, Benjamin Franklin, by flying a kite with metal sticks and a key on the tail in a thunderstorm, demonstrated that the electric rays were attracted towards the metal of it and that's where the lightning rod comes from.

Thanks to the evolution of kites, their operation inspired the invention of parachutes and gliders. And the use of kites in Australia at the end of the 19th century even inspired the kite tattoo design of a set of elements that allowed the invention of the first airplane.

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-Kite Tattoo: Later Evolution of the Kite

In 1960, a Chilean called Guillermo Prado invented the reel which allows to maneuver the wires of the kite and this is how it became accessible to children. They are currently seen as a sport or as an element of entertainment. Some kite tattoo designs are without the reel.

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Symbolic Meaning of Kite Tattoos for Men and Women

The kites certainly remind you of your childhood or the children around you. This is the main meaning given to kite tattoo designs and it is the reason that tattoos of names or pictures of children are often decorated with kites. But these tattoos can also represent freedom and success, as an instrument capable of reaching the heavens, although they are still anchored to the earth.

Kites are a symbol of creativity, friendship, sharing and love.

These kite tattoo designs are often colored, often like a watercolor. More recently, kites whose tail is made up of encouraging words, with fine lines and handwritten words, have become very trendy. They have a very attractive rendering.

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1.Meaning of Kite Tattoos: Blessing

-The Homonymous Meaning of Kite Tattoos

People have a common pursuit of happiness. Bats are homonymous with "Ben Fu" and "Ben Fu". Although its image is not beautiful, it has been fully beautified and used as an auspicious pattern symbolizing "Fu". Kites with bats as the pattern are everywhere. For example, in the traditional Beijing sand swallow kites, "Fuyan" is the representative, and the entire hard arm can be painted with beautified bats. Other kite tattoo designs with their meanings include: "Blessed in the blessing", "Blessed in sight", "Five blessings and longevity", "Five blessings for longevity", "Blessings and fullness", "Five blessings and Qitian", "Five blessings and longevity".

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-Kite Tattoo Design Meaning in The Book of History of The Five Classics

The "Hong Fan" chapter contains "five blessings": one is longevity, second is rich, third is Kangning, fourth is good morals, and fifth is death. "You have good virtue" means the virtue of the one who is good, and "exam to the end" means the good end, not horizontal. According to the meaning of five blessings, blessing already includes rich and longevity.

-Kite Tattoo Design Meaning of Some Designs

Other auspicious patterns for blessing include "fish" and "ruyi" (Ruyi was originally a bamboo and wooden scratching stick, which was named after it was able to do what one wanted). The auspicious patterns and kites related to this are: "There are fishes in successive years", "More than festive", "Carp jumps into the dragon gate", "Peaceful wishful thinking", "Must be wishful", "Peaceful wishful" and so on.

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2.Meaning of Kite Tattoos: Longevity

-Kite Tattoo Design Meaning in the Legend

Throughout the ages, people have hoped for health and longevity. There are many kite tattoo design patterns to convey and celebrate longevity: there are evergreen pines and cypresses, cranes and colorful ribbon birds that are said to have a life span of thousands of years, and the "fairy grass" Ganoderma lucidum that is said to be able to live for hundreds of years. The immortal Queen Mother of the West Xiantao and so on.

Hexagonal Kite Tattoo

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-Designs of Kite Tattoos About Longevity

There are more than 300 types of "Shou" in the pursuit and expression of longevity, with extremely rich variations. The "ten thousand" pattern originated from Buddhism, meaning "more than tens of thousands". In the sand swallow kite, the pattern on the waist is mostly the "10,000" pattern. The auspicious patterns and kites related to this include: "Auspicious Clouds and Crane's Birthday", "Eight Immortals' Birthday" and so on. Maybe there are persons who get kite tattoo designs due to this meaning.

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3.Meaning of Kite Tattoos: Festive

-Kite Tattoo Design Meaning: Double Happiness

Express people's beautiful, happy, and happy mood. There are many character forms for the word "double happiness". "double happiness" is a common festive pattern that symbolizes double happiness. A magpie is a "sign" of a happy event. The kite has the word "happiness" in the kite, "happiness" kite bumping, etc. Speaking of which, you can probably get kite tattoo designs with your friends or family.

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-Kite Tattoo Designs About Festivals

The kites and auspicious patterns related to this are: "Happy on the eyebrows", "Double happiness on the eyebrows", "More than happy celebration" ", "Fu Lu Shou Xi", "Double Happiness Fu Xiang". You can get to know some Chinese culture before getting a kite tattoo design. Festive patterns are quite interesting and there are hundreds of butterflies, hundreds of birds, hundreds of flowers, Baiji, Baishou, Baifu, Baixi and other patterns, such as "a hundred birds face phoenix". The apartment has a happy marriage and a harmonious couple with a kite with a pattern of mandarin ducks.

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4.Meaning of Kite Tattoos: Auspicious

-Kite Tattoo Designs: Auspicious Animals in China

Dragons, phoenixes and unicorns are the beasts and beasts in people's imagination. The tortoise was a symbol of longevity in ancient times and was later replaced by the turtle back pattern.

What needs to be emphasized is the topic of dragons. China is a country where dragons are admired. In this country, dragons have a special meaning. Dragons have the horns of deer, the head of ox, the body of python, the scales of fish, and the claws of eagle. Magical creatures are regarded as a symbol of ancient Chinese civilization. Kite tattoo designs with dragons might be a great idea too.

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-Designs of Kite Tattoos About Auspiciousness

The traditional auspicious kite tattoo design patterns composed of birds, beasts, beasts and other objects include: "Dragon and Phoenix are auspicious", "Two dragons play with beads", "Colorful phoenixes fly together", "Hundred birds face phoenix", etc. Chinese traditional kites-long-headed centipede kites, especially large dragon kites, are popular for their spectacular flying scenes and majestic momentum.

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Different Types of Kite Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

In China, old people tell children that if you miss a person very much, write his name on the kite and let it fly. The wind will bring your longing to find that person for you. There is also a saying that if family members are sick, they can also fly a kite. After the kite is flying, cut the string and the disease will go with the wind. But what the shape of the kite looks like?

1.Swallow Kite Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Swallow-shaped kites are relatively common in China. When flying kites in spring, the scene of swallow kites flying in the sky with swallows is still very beautiful. This kind of kite tattoos are usually in a comparative larger size than other kite tattoo designs.

 Swallow Kite Tattoo

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2.Hexagonal Kite Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

This kind of kite tattoo design is actually Japanese-style. In Japan, people also have a hobby of flying kites. Their shape is a little different from that of China. This kind of hexagonal kite is quite common. In addition, there is also a fish-shaped kite, it’s common too.

Hexagonal Kite Tattoo

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3.Diamond kite Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

In terms of workmanship, swallow kites and hexagonal kites are not as simple as diamond-shaped kites. This kind of diamond-shaped kite tattoo design is more convenient to make, and it is now the most common type in kite shops.

 Diamond kite Tattoo

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