Best Latin Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women


If you are struggling with what Latin quote to stick as your Latin tattoo design, this article is right for you. I am going to talk about:

  • The introduction of Latin tattoo designs
  • The style of Latin tattoos
  • Ideal locations of Latin tattoos
  • Some popular Latin quotes or phase
  • Celebrities with Latin tattoos

And in this article, you will see some of amazing Latin tattoos from Instagram and I believe that you will get your own idea after reading this.

 latin tattoo with butterflies

Latin tattoo design of @azkaban_tattoo via Instagram

Introduction of Latin Tattoo Designs

A selection of beautiful phrases and popular aphorisms in Latin, sayings and quotes with translation for Latin tattoo designs. Lingua Latina is one of the most ancient languages, the appearance of which is attributed to the middle of the 2nd millennium BC.

Wise Latin sayings are often used by contemporaries as inscriptions for Latin tattoo Designs or as independent tattoos in a beautiful font.

Latin tattoo designs have successfully taken one of the first places among all tattoos with inscriptions. Despite the fact that Latin, or rather Latin, is one of the most ancient languages, people around the world use it in their tattoos. Some do this to appear smarter and more educated. And others, to hide the meaning of the tattoo from others. Well, the rest beat a Latin tattoo, as it is a very beautiful extinct language.

 latin tattoo design on the arm

Latin tattoo design of @sarapushi via Instagram

Both men and women can apply an inscription on the body in Latin. The subject of the inscription can also be any. With a Latin tattoo design, you can show respect for your parents, express love for your significant other, or emphasize your character.

Latin tattoos not only look beautiful but also sound very romantic, which makes them a very popular option within the category of word and phrase tattoos. These compositions are also versatile, which means that they can adapt to almost any corner of the body depending on the Latin phrase you choose.

 latin tattoo on the side of the body

Latin tattoo design of @mr.ink18 via Instagram



Deer Portrait

Floral Gun

Old-school Vintage Style Cross

Elephant Ganesha



Latin is a dead language, but it was a universal language thousands of years ago. You've probably heard the Latin phrase "Habeas Corpus", which stands for the right to petition in court. And it has become many people’s first Latin tattoo design.

However, another area where you could really use Latin is the world of body art. Not only because its popularity has increased due to the large number of personalities who have imprinted their favorite Latin expressions on their skin, but also because this dead language gives a unique touch to the creation as your Latin tattoo design.

 latin tattoo on the forearm

Latin tattoo design of @soso_tattoo via Instagram

Styles of Latin Tattoo Designs

Tattoos in Latin can come in many different styles and are popular with both men and women. While you will often see Latin phrases written "by hand" or calligraphy, these also look beautiful in the "Old English" font, among others. Since these Latin tattoo designs usually have a great meaning for those who wear them, they may also desire to tattoo them with their own handwriting. And, although a lot of Latin tattoos are usually printed in black, don't be afraid to give yours a little pop of color or print it directly with colored ink.

 latin tattoo on the collarbone

Latin tattoo design of @witchinkkouvola via Instagram

Ideal Locations of Latin Tattoo Designs

Depending on the size of the quote, where to place your Latin body artwork will largely depend on your personal preferences.

-Short Sentences of Latin Tattoo Designs

For example, for small quotes like "Veni Vidi Vici '(I came, I saw, I conquered") you could choose a place like the inside of the wrist or along the ankle bone. The ankle is a good option for this Latin tattoo in particular because your feet take you to conquer the world.

Smaller sentences are also great for collarbones or shoulder blades. Printing words like "Cogito Ergo Sum" (I think therefore I am) on the biceps or calf is also a great option.

 latin tattoo on the forearm

Latin tattoo design of @_rocket_tattoo via Instagram

-Longer Sentences of Latin Tattoo Designs

Sentences which contain a few more words like "Quod me non necat me certe confirmat" (What does not kill me makes me stronger) require a little more space. These long phrases or mottos look best on the top of the shoulders, the front of the chest, the lower abdomen, along the arms or legs, along the ribs and on the lower back. These Latin tattoo designs have more space there, allowing the use of detail and making them more readable. Depending on the thinness of the tattoo artist's stroke, however, you can place longer Latin tattoo designs in a smaller space, but in this case the font style will need to be more simplistic - if you don't want the phrase loses its readability.

 latin tattoo on the arm

Latin tattoo design of @briefraserdesigns via Instagram



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-According to the Meaning of the Latin Tattoo Designs

In addition, the placement of the tattoo can be chosen depending on the meaning of the Latin tattoo design. For example, "In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti" (In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit) can be placed on the chest or along the back of the neck and arranged in the form of a cross, due to the meaning it houses.

You can also add other elements to the drawing, such as a star for the Latin tattoo design "Per aspera ad astra" (By steep paths to the stars) but you will need more space - for example you can consider placing this quote on the lower back.

 latin tattoo on the forearm

Latin tattoo design of @1996.atm via Instagram

Some Popular Quotes or Phases as Latin Tattoos

- Alls grave nil    Nothing weighs on those who have wings

- Non ducor duco → Nobody is leading me; i am the guide

- Noscete ipsum / temet nosce → Know thyself

- Luceat lux vestra → Let your light shine

- What nourishes me, destroys me  What nourishes me destroys me

- Veni, vidi, vici → I came, I saw, I conquered

- Veritas lux mea → The truth is my light

- Cogito ergo sum → I think therefore I am

- Dumspiro, spero → As long as I breathe, I hope

- Vive ut bivas → Live to live

- Alis valat propiis → She / He flies with his own wings

- Tempus neminemmanet → Time waits for no one

- Vincit who is vincit → Is a winner who dominates himself

- Dum vita est, spesest → As long as there is life, there is hope

- Amare et honorare → To love and honor

- Semper ad meliora → Always towards the best

- alisvolatpropriis (or alispropriiseavolat) → She / He flies with her own wings (or She / He flies with her own wings)

- audax at fidelis → Audacious but faithful

- auribus teneo lupum → I hold a wolf by the ears (I am in an inextricable situation, each of the solutions available to me is also uncomfortable, even perilous)

- carpe noctem → Take advantage of the present night (in opposition to Carpe Diem, take advantage of the present day)

- castigat ridendo mores → She corrects morals by laughing. (One way to change the rules is to point out how stupid they are)

- cogito ergo sum → I think therefore I am (I think therefore I exist)

 latin tattoo on the arm

Latin tattoo design of @marianprints via Instagram



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Celebrities With Latin Tattoos Design

Lots of celebrities have started the worldwide Latin tattoo craze. Here are a few examples:

Angelina Jolie: The actress has a Latin tattoo design on her lower abdomen that says: "Quod me nutrit destroys me.".

David Beckman: The football player has a Latin tattoo design on his left forearm referring to his female: "UtAmemEtFoveam." In French: "To love and to cherish"

 latin tattoo on the hariline

Latin tattoo design of @itsjustgizmo via Instagram

Danielle Lloyd: The actress and model has a Latin tattoo design on her left shoulder. This would be grammatically incorrect, according to experts. The tattoo reads: "Quisatteromihitantumplantomihivalidus." What she wanted to write is "Decreasing myself will only make me stronger," but what she wrote in Latin would actually mean "Like who am I carrying myself away from me. "

- Among others also include  Colin Farrell, who wears a popular Latin tattoo design on his left forearm saying, "Carpe Diem."

Keith Urban: The country singer has Latin tattoo designs of "Omnia Vincit Amor", "Love Triumphs Over All" on the right wrist.

 latin tattoo

Latin tattoo design of via Instagram